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*** VD 14 Draft Thread ***

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  • *** VD 14 Draft Thread ***

    SPREADSHEET - version 1.2

    1. there may be issues with 2019 players not having their stats properly updated. If you are picking a player who played in 2019, please double check.
    2. If sorting "alphabetically" on the hit_comb and pit-comb sheets, please use the player ID's (ruthba01, johnswa01 etc). There are some recent players whose first and last names may be back to front.
    3. I will update the team decade information on the Snapshot page.

    Draft Order

    1 Controller J
    2 JohnnyA
    3 Frae
    4 TS GARP
    5 Heyelander
    6 Cavebird
    7 Bene
    8 hacko
    9 Revo
    10 DMT
    11 Ken
    12 Feral
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    VD 14 Rules:


    Letters and Decades Combo Draft

    25 Rounds:
    14 Hitters
    11 Pitchers


    23 unique letters (inc 3 x QUIZY)
    2 Wildcard (WC) letters


    Hitting: 14 from 15 decades (no combined decades)
    Pitching: 11 from 14 decades (with 1870/80 combined as usual)


    Letters (Last Name)
    Muliplicative Scoring +1
    14 Hitters / 11 Pitchers (3 QUIZY's and 2 WC's)
    OBP (not BA)
    ERA restrictions are not in place as Decades are in play


    1a. Players from all time periods are eligible to be drafted. Each team may not select more than one hitter and one pitcher from each decade. A player is assigned to a decade based on the best season selection. The decade assignment cannot be changed once the pick is made. For the purposes of this rule, the decades are defined as 1871-1879, 1880-1889, 1890-1899, 1900-1909, 1910-1919, 1920-1929, 1930-1939, 1940-1949, 1950-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-1979, 1980-1989, 1990-1999, 2000-2009 & 2010-2018. For pitchers only, 1871-1889 are combined into a single decade.

    1b. Each team may only draft one player whose last name begins with each letter of the alphabet. 23 letters must be selected (excluding X, 3 of 5 QUIZY's will be required) There are also 2 Wildcard letters available. Both wildcard letters can be the same.

    1c. Each team shall consist of 25 players (14H & 11P), comprised of the following positions: C, C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, CI, MI, OF, OF, OF, OF, OF, UT 11 x P. The UT positions must be filled by a hitter.

    2. Qualifications for players

    a. To be eligible for the draft, a player must meet the following requirements:

    i. There are no career minimums to be met. A player must have at least one qualifying season, as explained in Rule 2.a.ii.

    ii. The player must have an eligible season. For a hitter's "best season", the hitter must have at least 100 ABs during the season. To be an eligible season for a pitcher's "best season", the pitcher must have at least 100 IP or 40 appearances during the season.

    b. Hitter Positional requirements

    i. For a hitter to be eligible for a position, he must have played 200 games at that position. If a hitter has not played 200 games at any position, then the position that player has played the most games at will be considered their eligible position. If you choose to take a player who has the most games played at pitcher or designated hitter (and does not have any other position where they met the 200 game minimum) then that player only qualifies for the UT slot.

    ii. To be eligible at CI or MI, the player must be eligible at 1B or 3B, or 2B or SS, respectively. To be eligible at INF, a player must be eligible at any of the 4 positions. Teams cannot add the games played at 2B and SS to obtain MI eligibility for a player, for example. However, there is no games played based eligibility requirement for the UT. The only requirement is the 100 season ABs.

    3. There will be a team career IP requirement of 18000 IP. Failure to meet that minimum requirement will result in one point in career ERA and career WHIP. The career ERA and career WHIP of the penalized team will be used as normal for the purposes of determining the standings of the other teams in those categories, i.e., the penalty will be applied after the standings are determined for those categories.

    4. The draft will be conducted in the form of a standard snake-draft, with draft order randomly determined at the beginning.

    5. Scoring Categories

    a. The scoring categories are the standard 5x5 for career and the "best season" as defined by these rules. These categories are AVG, HR, RBI, Runs and SB for hitters, and ERA, WHIP, Wins, Saves, and Ks for pitchers. At the time that each player is drafted, the drafting team must announce the season it is choosing for that player's "best season." It cannot be changed once selected unless it is an obvious typo. A pick without a season mentioned is not a complete pick.

    b. we will be using Multi+1 scoring. The "official" winner will be the team with the highest total when multiplying the points scored in each of the 20 categories together then adding +1 to each score.

    6. If a team backs itself into a corner somehow and is not able to draft any eligible players to complete its team, the blank slot will count as zeros in all categories. Any such team will also have fifteen (15) points deducted from their final score to account for any advantage in ERA, WHIP or AVG that such an empty slot might give. In addition, if anyone runs past their 12 hour clock, then shows up in the Pen but doesn't pick or post why they can't, they are subject to a one point deduction from their final score, if an (absolute) majority of teams vote to apply the penalty in any given case.

    7. "The John Montgomery Ward Rule." Players who qualify to be drafted as both hitters and pitchers are treated as two separate players. They can be drafted by one team as a pitcher and another as a hitter. They must qualify separately in each category to be eligible in that category. A team may draft a player twice if they so choose to use their wild card letters in such a manner.

    8. If any ambiguity is discovered in the rules, the ambiguity will be resolved by the committee of three as determined in the VD XVIII discussion thread. Their decisions are binding and final.

    9. We allow 12 hours between picks during week day periods, with an extra 5 hours added if the clock runs past midnight EST. We don't count weekends as many will not have access, or be able to check up on things. Weekday holidays are considered as on the clock unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand. This rule is intended as a guideline encouraging consideration for the other drafters. If you will not be able to make a pick within the allotted time, it is appropriate that you let someone know via PM or phone message.

    10. If your pick is going to be due soon, and you think you might not be around, you can either tell us to skip your pick, or better still, PM a list of possible selections to someone else, and they can pick for you. It's better to PM picks to someone at the other end of the draft. In that way it won't affect whom the people around you will be taking in the mean time (no one can steal your picks!!).

    11. We have a policy of not talking about players before they have been selected. Occasionally this will be unavoidable ... but as a rule try not to throw out the names of unselected players.

    12. Please put your picks in BOLD so it's easier to catch up on who's been selected. Also, include the round and pick number.

    13. If a player makes an invalid or incorrect selection, he will have 1 hour to correct the pick from the time the error is noted in the thread. After that time has passed, the next player will be on the clock to pick. Anyone who is skipped may reselect their pick whenever they return from all players still available at that time.

    14. (not applicable) Players from all time periods are eligible to be draft. However, each team may only draft a maximum of 3 Dead-Ball hitters, 3 Dead-Ball pitchers and 3 Contemporary hitters.

    For the purposes of this rule, a Dead-Ball hitter is any hitter who played at all in 1898 or any season prior to 1898.

    For the purposes of this rule, a Dead-Ball pitcher is any pitcher who pitched at all in 1913 or any season preceding 1913.

    For the purposes of this rule, a Contemporary hitter is a hitter who played at all in 1999 or any season after 1999.

    15. We usually accept late entrants up until the end of Round 1. In such circumstances, the new participant will pick last in the first round. We will then do a double blind to randomly determine where they will draft for every consequent round - e.g. Joe Bloggs wants to join after pick 1.05. For the first round he picks last: 1.12. We then do a double blind to determine which slot Joe will draft from round 2 on-wards. This way there is no first round advantage, and the draft order is still random.
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      1.01 Walter Johnson SP 1913 johnswa01
      0.780 whip
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        1.02 Babe Ruth OF 1921



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          1.03 Ty Cobb OF 1911

          83 SB's


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            for TS Garp

            1.04 Cy Young P 1892


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              1.05 Hank Aaron 1B/OF 1963
              I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert...


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                1.06 Grover Cleveland Alexander P 1915


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                  1.07 Carl Yastrzemski 1B/OF 1967

                  Tried to talk myself into another option but couldn't pull the trigger. QUIZY power!
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                    1.08 Nap Lajoie 1901 - 2 b

                    145 Runs


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                      1.09 Ted Williams, OF, 1949


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                        1.10 Jimmie Foxx 1B 1932
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                          1.11 Barry Bonds OF 2004


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                            1.12 Rickey Henderson OF 1985
                            2.01 Mel Ott 3B 1929
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                              2.02 Old Hoss Radbourn P 1884

                              60 wins will do