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  • From Assmonkee to ????

    I liked to say this was always “ My Plan” but as last season was coming to a close and I was crown next years Assmonkee you would think I would have been set to make a serious run at this year’s championship. But as the long cold Ohio winter settled over the Marauders stadium there was grumbling from the Local fans that the game had passed the old man up. Not only did he not get any of the top young players in Dump season he didn’t get any future stars - Westburg, Langford,Jung… he got a young player who did get 30+ homers but got traded to NL ( we are a AL only league) mid season. So we were sitting at the end of the year with no Great young Players , no returning cornerstones but just some good decent young players with good contracts, a few good Minor league players and a lot of Money to go into the draft. The only Good we had is we do have a Killer AssMonkee team name. “ Marauding AssMonkees”

    So I am now sitting here today in fourth place of a wide open race 7 teams having a realistic shot at winning it but after making a few dump trades yesterday - Rotowire ( we use their service ) has me currently as the projected winner. How in the shit did that happen????

    A little background:::
    AL only Auction league (260$) since 1986 - I anm the only original owner ( and Commissioner) tho we are a very stable league 10 owners have been in it at least 20 years.
    league rules have morphed from the Waggoner book over the years. Not a Pure dynasty league but a Hybred.
    15 keepers, 12 reserves, 7 Farm players.
    end of 2 years you can long term player ( 5 dollars a year) make them into a topper( restricted player)
    we have a 24 hour trade rule- ( posted- Can be topped)
    No Dumping until July 1 - Asterisk rule in Dump trades
    Players traded to NL can be kept until season ends - NL players traded to Al are Frozen
    No FAAB - Just Free agent pick ups and our own 2 week waiver from the players we cut.
    there’s others but these are the big ones. (We had 30 years to work on it)

    Back to my team: Shitty 2023 year- no good dump trade to set me up. No Stud keepers - Old mentally challenged owner that had to run the draft. Did I have a good draft???
    Rotowire said I was middle of the pack at best. I did make 1 great buy Aaron Freakin Judge - tho he did start out like shit! I had no closer . Drafted Leclerc but he decided to LeSuck. Had some decent flyer low price pitchers - Whitlock, Means, Gray Bello that gave me some points in Era, Whip at beginning of the year. Then some decided to do what it seems like all pitchers do and blow out their arms. I did have a good reserve draft. Littell , Yimi Garcia have helped, I had Soderstrom and Julks come up and got hot so I addded them to deals while they look good. Picked up Pham and rode him for a month then added him to a deal. Duran Bos helped in SB - Runs but. It was mostly just having enough depth and Aaron Freakin Judge ( who I originally drafted to dump now to get some prospect.) Plus injuries around the league have kept people scrambling.

    C - Langeliers - Homers and surprise some steals
    1b - Lowe - out first month - Nevin from free agent
    2b Julien - gave me some counting stats before sent down - on bench now
    ss- Neto- more counting stats
    3b- Mead - had high hopes ( still do hitting good at AAA- hope he comes back up)
    MI - Biggio - best thing he did was go to NL making him an Asterisk player- )
    CR- Vierling - got me some stats then got hot and flip him for a pitcher
    OF - Duran - Stats then Flip him in a deal that got me Kirby
    OF- Arozarena - payed 42 for him - starting to heat up some but still disappointing
    OF - Wilyer Abreu - my last keeper - little bit of everything
    OF - Isbel - he was my last player drafted and a topper - goes in and out of my lineup
    DH - Buxton- got him late and was the best left on board-
    UT - DJ LeMahieu - end Game- Pham occupied this spot / or a pitcher beginnings of year( we only have 1 catcher- use a utility for old 2nd catcher spot)
    Gray, Whitlock, Means , GavinWilliams, Bello,LeClerc, Scherzer ( for trade later) Y Cano , BFrancis - ( Littell, Garcia, Pearson on reserves ) Lee C also in reserve draft

    So I made a couple of trades pre dump season - Got mainly Yates closer- and 2 starters - Kirby and Eovaldi which set me up for contending and dump season.

    I have traded away Delauter, O Martinez, Gavin Williams , Caminero( got me Jose ) Tena - cheap youngster or Farm players in dump trades.
    Asterisk players Langeliers,McCormick, Biggio( also to get Jose)
    players Duran, Julks, Vierling, Pham, Soderstrom,Cano , Arrighetti

    Got back:
    Jose Ramirez, Mountcastle,Holmes,Yates,Kirby,Eovaldi, Jax, Polonco, Drury, Rizzo( for Sept expansion) Grissom

    Current line
    C Lee
    1b Lowe
    2b polanco
    SS Neto
    3b Jose Ramirez
    MI Drury
    Cr Mountcastle
    OF Aaron FREAKIN Judge
    OF W Abreu
    OF Arozarena
    OF Buxton
    Of Isbel
    DH LeMahieu
    BENCH - Rizzo, Julien, Mead , Nevin, Paris, colas, Robles,Grissom

    Starters : Kirby, Scherzer, Eovaldi,Bello, Littell, Gray
    Relievers Poche, Jax
    closer Yates, Holmes
    Bench GARCIA, Francis, LeSuck( LeClerck)

    Good news is tho I Depleted my farm) we hold the Farm draft a week after MLB does and I have 5 picks . Number 1 cause I am the “ AssMonkee”. Who holds MLB first pick - the Guards…. So if Moonlight J and his boys are right . I HAVE A PLAN!!!!!!
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