First come, first serve

$1000 entry, Fantrax commissioner service

AL only draft (slow draft, 4 hour clock)
NL only auction (one night)

Each league is played out separately, with prizes to top two in each, then the roto points are combined for the grand prize winner and runner-up

OVERALL 1st: $5000
OVERALL 2nd: $1000
AL WINNER: $2000
AL 2nd: $1000
NL WINNER: $2000
NL 2nd: $1000

No trading, weekly FAAB, NFBC rules with rosters (Mon/Fri for hitters, Mon for pitcher).

We use FAB to bid on your draft spot (majors and minors). Everyone starts with $1000. So say you want the #1 AL pick. It will take several hundred FAB and that gets subtracted from $1000. I have the results of past bidding archived so you can get a sense of what it takes for #1 pick, #1 minor pick, etc.

Three-year contracts, no escalation. AL salary is the round drafted (free agents, Round 11, Minors are Round 15 when activated). NL is the salary (free agents $10, minor leaguers $5 when activated).

Three round minor league draft. Player does not have to be activated until you want to to do. If you keep a minor leaguer, you lose your third ML pick. If you keep two, you lose ML2 and ML3.

If a player switches leagues midseason, you keep him on the original team and he IS NOT available in the other league. He gets switched to your team in the other league after the season, with a commensurate salary.

Email (do not PM) with interest, so I can send the roster details. todd dot zola at gmail dot com

Ask questions, etc, but first come first serve. FWIW, several teams have partners so that's fine.