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Thread: 2k22 Mike Yastrzemski

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    2k22 Mike Yastrzemski

    Guy came out of relative nowhere, performed admirably in 2019 (.272/.334/.518) and then absolutely killed it in 2020's shortened season (.297/.400/.568). Last year, after losing about 120 points of BABIP, he fell flat on his face (.227/.311/.467). Which Yaz are we going to see in 2022? The former? The latter? A mix of the two?
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    I think he's still kind of the same guy. His BABIP plunged in 2021 to .254, just as it had skyrocketed in 2020 to .370. His career BABIP average is .301, pretty much in between those two extremes. His BB% is still well above average at 9.7%, and his HR% has pretty much been the same through each of his 3 seasons (4.8%).

    So if I had to guesstimate his '22 numbers, it probably would be somewhere around '21 except with a bit better BA/.OBP/.SLG.

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