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Thread: Brandon Marsh vs Royce Lewis

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    Brandon Marsh vs Royce Lewis

    Simple question of which prospect you like better long term? I am working on a trade and part of the trade is that I can choose between these two. I know Lewis is out for the year and will have not played in two years, a little concerning. Marsh is off to a slow start, looking at the stats, in the minors this year. So wondering who you guys like better long term.

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    Not a big fan of either, but I begrudgingly voted for Lewis. But if this is an only league, I could see going Marsh, as he is a safer and closer bet. In a mixed league, I say swing for the fences and Lewis has more ceiling. Marsh, I think, has a higher floor in that I think he makes it as a major leaguer, at minimum as a 4th outfielder, but I don't see much upside there. Lewis still could, if it all comes together, be a difference maker, even if that chances of that have been hurt by the lost development time.

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    Marsh easily for me. I think he's both better now and has a higher ceiling than Lewis. Both are good prospects, though both are probably at their nadir right now. Whether that means it's a good buying opportunity or a red flag is up to you!

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