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Thread: Democratic Socialist Takeover

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    Look at the corporate Democrat bloodbath we just witnessed.

    Joe Donnelly and Heidi Heitkamp both got annihilated by like 15 pts. Bredesen got stomped after his idiotic attempts to appease Republicans. Tester performed much much better running on populist left messaging. Many progressives won (as well as lost races by under 5 pts in places thought untouchable).

    Manchin is the only R-lite Dem who won. The rest.... wake up and realize that pushing towards the middle is a terrible strategy.

    Makes me wonder if Andrew Gillum hadn't submitted to his party handlers and allowed Hillary fucking Clinton to campaign with him, as well as other signs of progressive insincerity had a dampening effect on his support?!

    Thoughts? Am I wrong? Thanks in advance to all the smart guys in here.

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    As I wrote up in the Midterm thread, I think you're really wrong.

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    Very possible in 2032. She'll have to do a lot correctly to get aimed in that direction, but it's not hard to game out where she'd be in a really good position by 2030 to get her committee rolling, by 2031 have oodles of cash in the bank, and then win and survive the bloodbath that will likely be the Democratic primary.
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