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Thread: Anyone Golf?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judge Jude View Post
    entering the final day in a 30-week pool - and my Bryson is tied for the lead w Cantlay.
    projection is I'd win if Bryson does, but otherwise no.

    c'mon, you big lummox !
    So close.

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    had a 5-shot lead on the back 9 of Round 3.

    yesterday, leads by 1 shot with 2 holes left. on par-3 17th, Bryson just misses the green while Cantlay dumps it in the penalty area.
    somehow both make bogey but still I have a 1-shot lead and Cantlay has to make a 21-footer to stay alive - so of course he does.
    then several more Houdini moves by Cantlay before Bryson pulls one of his own.
    Cantlay makes about a 20-footer on 6th playoff hole and Bryson yet again misses a shorter one and it's over.

    earlier, it looked like I would clinch with just a Bryson solo 2nd and a Rory solo 3rd as enough to put me over the top (leader's best was a T-10th Rahm). but Sungjae Im made birdie on the last hole, not bogey, meaning I had to win the playoff.

    worst bad beat of my fantasy sports life, especially losing by about one-third of the $1.7 million I'd have gotten if Rahm had not gotten a positive COVID test after 54 holes and a 6-shot lead a couple of months ago.

    finished 10th in this 37th yr in 11-team-only NL 5x5
    own picks 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 in April 2022 1st-rd farmhand draft
    won in 2017 15 07 05 04 02 93 90 84

    SP SGray 16, TWalker 10, AWood 10, Price 3, KH Kim 2, Corbin 10
    RP Bednar 10, Bender 10, Graterol 2
    C Stallings 2, Casali 1
    1B Votto 10, 3B ERios 2, 1B Zimmerman 2, 2S Chisholm 5, 2B Hoerner 5, 2B Solano 2, 2B LGarcia 10, SS Gregorius 17
    OF Cain 14, Bader 1, Daza 1

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    Got to play on a country club course for the first time in my life. Mildly surprised they let riff raff like myself in, but I played one of the best rounds of my life! Birdied a par four and was within a couple inches of getting my first eagle. Not sure how new these clubs are, but the 4-hybrid is a club that I can just crush almost every time. Changed my long game an awful lot.
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