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  • My NBA Auction Team

    Last night was one of the rare draft auctions where I felt in control pretty much from start to finish. I did have to adjust, as I had Harden as the clear #1 and intended to pay for him, but got in a two person bidding war up to $70 and elected to let him go. Went with Karl-Anthony Towns as my anchor instead, and then got everyone else on my roster except for Malcolm Brogdon for less money than the prices at which I had them valued. I went in with Siakam as my lone keeper at $11, was one of the last to land my first auction player in KAT, then paired him with Kemba and waited, waited, waited for everyone else to spend their money. I think most folks had seven or eight guys already before I dove back in and added my fourth through ninth players in quick succession: R.Rubio, J.Collins, T.Bryant, M.Brogdon, Miles Bridges, J.Isaac. Then I was able to hold a few extra bucks in my pocket to be able to top a $1 bid on a few players I thought were good values: Mikal Bridges, Looney, PJ Washington. Overall I have a roster of good players on bad or middling teams. The only player I have from a team likely to play in the conference finals is my last bench pick, Matisse Thybulle.

    G K.Walker $28
    G R.Rubio $13
    G M.Brogdon $17
    G Mik.Bridges $2

    F P.Siakam $11
    F J.Collins $19
    F Mil.Bridges $8
    F J.Isaac $15

    C K.Towns $61
    C T.Bryant $18


    G T.Ross $1
    G Ty.Jones $1

    F PJ Washington $2
    F M.Thybulle $1

    C K.Looney $1
    C D.Powell $1

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    I was going to suggest that if Thybulle was still available, he's worth a pickup. I think he will get decent PT this season and should contribute across the board.

    What did Zion go for?
    I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert...


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      Yeah, I think your team is the favorite. Getting Kemba at $28 and Collins at $19 were really nice pickups. I think your FG%, FT%, Blocks and Steals should all be really good.

      I'm not unhappy with my team, but I got two players, Lonzo Ball at $11 and Terry Rozier at $12, that I really wasn't targeting. They aren't bad value, but they could hurt my percentages. For me, a lot depends on Zion coming back quickly and Kevin Love producing some value. I acquired most of my team for close to or less than I was expecting. I like the G/F versatility of Shamet and Huerter on my bench.

      G Steph Curry $57
      G T.Rozier $12
      G L.Ball $11
      G S.Gilgeous-Alexander $11

      F Z.Williamson $21
      F K.Love $11
      F L.Markkanen $21
      F Jaren Jackson $20

      C S.Adams $8
      C W.Carter $10

      G DelonWright $3
      G/F K.Huerter $5
      G/F L.Shamet $2
      F C.Reddish $1
      F M.Porter $2
      C J.Allen $5


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        It's funny, because I threw Rozier out as someone I didn't want from a FG% perspective, but knowing that he was projected for big stats this year and figuring it would take a lot of money off the board. You ended up with him for much cheaper than I was hoping he'd go for, even though I didn't want him. Your Lonzo Ball grab was right when everyone was "yelling" at me in the chat window that they needed me to pause the draft for a break, and since I wasn't targeting Ball, I wasn't focused on the bidding, but when I saw what you got him for, I thought I should have bid $12 on him. But I ended up getting Rubio for just $1 more and wouldn't have rostered both Rubio and Ball, and I value Rubio just a bit higher. Love is another great price for a player I wanted no part of - but could pay off huge.

        And thanks for answering heye's question about what Zion went for, lol. I was prepared to go to $10 on Zion, but not to pay double digits for a guy who is out for two months and potentially prone to further similar injuries. If he comes back looking anything like he looked in pre-season before the injury, though, you'll either have a great keeper or a great trade chip.


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          So much for my $19 "steal" on John Collins. He's facing a 25-game suspension for PEDs. Ugh.