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AL - Looking at 2024

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  • AL - Looking at 2024

    Mike Trout and Shane Bieber were my big AL 5x5 auction buys this year. So needless to say, the season went poorly. Worse yet, I was unable to trade either one (to jumpstart a rebuild).

    This is a 12 team AL 5x5 league. We can keep up to 7, plus a few minor leaguers (if they don’t make the opening day roster). Which ones would you keep? All players going into year 2 unless noted. Thanks!!!!

    Mitch Garver 1
    Jonah Heim 9
    Jeremy Peña 7 option / extend
    Royce Lewis 8
    Esteury Ruiz 22
    Adolis Garcia 15 final year / must keep
    Evan Carter 8 year 1
    Tanner Bibee 5
    Andres Munoz 3 option / extend
    Gavin Williams 5
    Shane Baz 1​

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    Mitch Garver 1 Keep
    Jonah Heim 9 Keep
    Royce Lewis 8 Keep
    Esteury Ruiz 22 Keep
    Adolis Garcia 15 final year / must keep Keep
    Evan Carter 8 year 1 Keep
    Tanner Bibee 5 Keep

    Here are my 7. You have a really nice core for 2024+. Heim really faded in the second half so I can see keeping Williams or Munoz instead. In an AL only having those 2C for $10 is really good value.

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      Thanks a lot, virgonomic. Appreciate the feedback. Interesting that Peña didn’t make your list.

      Anyone else have a different view?

      I think Garver is a FA, so not sure where he’ll land and how much he will play. Upside is there for $1 though. Maybe I can flip some of the excess for some upgrades or minor leaguers.


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        Mitch Garver 1 - More games at DH now = better health.
        Royce Lewis 8 - Could be huge if he stays healthy.
        Adolis Garcia 15 - final year / must keep
        Evan Carter 8 year 1 - Like the power/speed combo.
        Andres Munoz 3 - I would extend. He could be an elite closer on a winning team for the next decade. As long as his current undisclosed injury is minor.
        Gavin Williams 5 - I think he has a lot more potential than Bibee.
        Shane Baz 1​​ - He was showing ace potential before TJ surgery. Can't resist for a buck.
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          Thanks Madducks! Anyone else? I am surprised at lack of love for Jeremy Peña. Perhaps you’re telling me something I need to hear.


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            Pena has an OPS barely scratching .700. I think I'll pass on him too as a keeper even though some improvement seems possible.


            Ruiz for me as the 7th guy over Bibee and Williams. He has potential to win SB category, someone made a comparison to Billy Hamilton recently but he should be a better hitter than that (he has 3 double digit HR seasons in the minors along with a career minors slash of .364/.460/.824 not bad at all for a rabbit).

            You could use some speed with that keeper group.

            You might consider either Bibee or Williams over Heim as you have no starters and would also keep your options open at catcher.

            No extension for Munoz, too volatile.