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  1. Obama and Afghanistan
  2. What's the right World Islam policy/strategy?
  3. Russian Invasion of Ukraine
  4. Britain is looking to leave the EU.....
  5. Supreme Court of the United States
  6. Israel........ Our alliance DISCUSS
  7. President Donald Trump
  8. Democratic Party 2017 and beyond
  9. NFL teams and the National Anthem...
  10. Roseanne returns as a Trump supporter
  11. 2018 Midterm Election Thread
  12. #___ingwhileblack
  13. Economic, taxes, and tariffs discussion
  14. Jim Jordan scandal
  15. Republican Party Helsinki and beyond
  16. i call first dibs on any special titles for poitical outcasts/refugees
  17. I hate politics but I love RJ
  18. Democratic Socialist Takeover
  19. GOP Outsider Takeover
  20. Alex Jones kicked off YouTube, Facebook, & iTunes
  21. Chris Collins
  22. White Fright
  23. What to do about racism in the real world?
  24. I have to give NYT readers some credit here
  25. Why do convicts...
  26. Nice Article on Jimmy Carter
  27. Entering into the world of hand guns.
  28. Political ideology and parenting
  29. Predator Priests
  30. John McCain - Rest In Peace
  31. Can the government force you to exercise a "Right"?
  32. So last night two men...
  33. Bernie vs Bezos
  34. Pros and Cons of the death penalty for members of the KKK?
  35. Tulsi Gabbard on Rogan
  36. Ben Sasse's ethics proposals
  37. Speaking as a sexual assault victim
  38. Hot topic arguments?
  39. republicans in northeast states or democrats in southern states
  40. Abortion Discussion Thread
  41. There is no proof that God exists
  42. Knives - obviously not in school
  43. I Wish My Mother Would Just Die Already
  44. We're all bisexual
  45. Voter Fraud in Texas
  46. President Trump's Foreign Policy
  47. What is the best thing Jesus taught? Atheists and agnostics welcome.
  48. Why do so many people believe in God(s) when there is no proof that God(s) exist?
  49. Happy Weed Legalization, Canada!!!!
  50. The Case for Cost-Benefit Analysis in Government
  51. Would you support compulsory voting?
  52. Poll on voting....
  53. Abrams-Kemp and voting rights/voter suppression/conflict of interest
  54. Voted today...
  55. Far Right Extremists
  56. What is your single biggest worry/fear of Trump?
  57. Anti-vaxxers
  58. Giving Credit to Fox News
  59. I voted today...
  60. Robert Mueller investigation
  61. The suicide thread.
  62. Extreme climate events
  63. What I stand for/ want!
  64. Rules for Mealtime Prayers.
  65. Richard Ojeda for President in 2020
  66. Religion, Science, and education level
  67. Alpha Males
  68. Gun violence epidemic
  69. Election 2020
  70. Objectivity vs. Neutrality
  71. US-backed Genocide in Yemen has killed 85,000 children
  72. Should jury selection be blind/anonymous?
  73. Mars
  74. Celine Dion's Satanist Agenda
  75. Facts vs. Opinion
  76. "A Christmas Miracle"
  77. Slumber Party 2017 at bed, bath and beyond
  78. Boulder CO - Assault Weapons Ban
  79. Question for Republicans and those who lean a bit right.
  80. Question for Democrats and those that lean a little left.
  81. Flat-earthers
  82. Libertarianism and the balance between individual rights and anti-interventionism
  83. In honor of MLK Day
  84. Percentage of Blame: Covington Teens, Black Hebrew Israelites, Native American Elder
  85. living paycheck to paycheck
  86. What the %%%%!
  87. So.....I'm totally disgusted by politics at the moment.....both sides.....
  88. Any thoughts on the "Green Deal"
  89. Huawei
  90. So Amazon turns down NYC -
  91. Robert Kraft - Prostitution.......
  92. R. Kelly finally indicted
  93. companies you boycott
  94. Pakistan-India
  95. Was Michael Jackson a pedophile?
  96. Ilhan Omar controversy
  97. The Great Moderate political thread
  98. College Admissions Cheating Scandal
  99. Something to be proud of in Texas
  100. Media Thread - what is the MSM ?
  101. What are the keys to human happiness?
  102. Echo chamber
  103. Denver voters approve decriminalizing (psychoactive) mushrooms
  104. A Question for B-Fly
  105. When will Trump tell the world about aliens??
  106. Sex Scandal takes down Trump, BClinton - or both?
  107. What are Trump's Chances
  108. is reality carrying over into fantasy?
  109. Best presidents since WW II
  110. Fed Reinstates Death Penalty
  111. Nuclear Weapons
  112. Political Test
  113. Koch Brothers, 1 down, 1 to go
  114. GITH as moderator
  115. Happy Birthday GITH
  116. Was life better before the internet?
  117. Was life better before skynet?
  118. Vaping
  119. Poor, poor, Brett Kavanaugh...
  120. Legal Immigration
  121. Legal Inundation
  122. Justin Trudeau in blackface scandal
  123. A question for our Right leaning RJers.
  124. Police Officers Are Mostly Parasites
  125. Troops to Saudi Arabia
  126. College athletes to get paid?
  127. In my great and unmatched wisdom....
  128. Black/Brownface, Cultural Appropriation and other similar issues.
  129. Armed Conflict
  130. Infidelity
  131. I would like your opinion on this anti-impeachment article.
  132. China's Social Credit System
  133. The Conways--Must See TV
  134. Atheists in Iowa
  135. Impeachment.
  136. Possible War with Iran
  137. The End of Privacy?
  138. I will never see otters the same again
  139. Woman can't use her frozen embryos after divorce, state Supreme Court rules
  140. What are you Prepared to Do?
  141. the new coronavirus
  142. Grief.
  143. RJ consensus worst Democratic candidate?
  144. Pondering Political Parties.
  145. Cover of the Rolling Stone
  146. Beware!!! You May get the Corona virus from Drinking Corona Beer while playing Xbox
  147. GITH: Was it worth it?
  148. Corona Virus
  149. Tonight
  150. Chris Matthews RETIRES from Hardball
  151. Nullnor is amazing
  152. Saudi king dead?
  153. Desperation and Sacrifice
  154. Kim Jong Un
  155. Mass Culls and Incomprehensible Waste
  156. I'm sure this has been covered elsewhere but.....
  157. Is it ok to Punch a Nazi in the Face.
  158. Cats are not special among animals
  159. What is wrong with this picture Chicago Tribune!!
  160. Martial Law
  161. Request for Thoughtful Readings on George Floyd
  162. Corona, fear and habits
  163. SCOTUS - Title VII Ruling
  164. Economics Discussion--Luke Warm Topic Invite
  165. Ted Yoho vs AOC
  166. Herman Cain dies from Covid-19
  167. A restaurant in Stillwater, OK
  168. A corner in Winslow, AZ.
  169. Biden's VP
  170. the thing that bothers me most about dreams
  171. Are you more careful or less...
  172. Peaceful Protest
  173. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Died
  174. Tipping point state
  175. Handmaid's tale
  176. Shit Show 2020
  177. Scotus 2020
  178. A Couple of Election Games
  179. President Joseph Biden
  180. This quote. Wow.
  181. T3 - Rise of the Machines
  182. And so it has begun
  183. Covid Vaccine thread
  184. Biden's Cabinet.
  185. Inauguration 2021
  186. Shout Out to Mike Pence
  187. Former Guy Donald Trump
  188. Should smokers be in the first priority group for the COVID vaccine?
  189. Should smokers be in the Hall of Fame?
  190. Oregon legalizes all drugs
  191. Gettin it Done.
  192. Mark Cuban & the Dallas Mavericks pull the plug on the national anthem
  193. Let the Games Begin!
  194. Andrew Cuomo
  195. Vegetarian
  196. Life is a collection of moments
  197. D. Trump, T. Cruz, and T. Carlson are stranded on a deserted island.......
  198. MLB Moves 2021 All Star Game out of Georgia
  199. Covid Vaccine Passports
  200. Conservative White Fragility
  201. Punitive Politics.
  202. The Chauvin Verdict.
  203. I found my password
  204. The Irony of the US Military/Armed Forces
  205. The government "requires" you to watch this video
  206. Trumps Bible Photo Op...Redux
  207. Which was worse, Trump or Covid?
  208. Federal Holiday - Juneteenth
  209. Miss Nevada - first transgender Miss USA Contestant
  210. Cosby
  211. The Woke
  212. July 4th
  213. in case you missed the Arizona press conference this morning
  214. How many of you secretly regret voting for Joe Biden
  215. How many of you are Secretly Egrets?
  216. The Space race
  217. Is 2021 worse than 2020?
  218. Will there be another Lockdown?
  219. To Teenwolf
  220. The new COVID thread
  221. Robert Kennedy killer to get paroled
  222. The 20th Anniversary of 9-11
  223. Societal Collapse
  224. Hillary 2024
  225. Would you move to an area that didn't fit you politically?
  226. Republicans are the domestic terrorist party
  227. President Manchinema & The Do-Nothing Dems
  228. Democratic Presidential Candidate for 2024
  229. U.S. House of Representatives passes MORE act to decriminalize marijuana
  230. The Ethics of Force Feeding Lifers
  231. Do planes come with eject buttons?
  232. SCOTUS about to overturn Roe v. Wade
  233. Hypercompetitive youth sports
  234. Americans against free Healthcare are gullible dum-dums
  235. Midterm Election Thread
  236. The 'great resignation' & 'quiet quitting'
  237. From Cash Me Ousside to Riches
  238. Who have you personally canceled?
  239. 2024 Election Thread