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Thread: 2K22: Atlanta Braves

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    What player has the most XBH this season?
    Aaron Judge? Nope.
    Yordan Alvarez? Wrong again.
    Kyle Schwarber? Not even close.

    It's...Austin Riley! He has 62 XBH, 2 more than Judge. He has 29 HR, only 4 less than the 33 he had last year, w more than 1/3 of the season left to play. He's on pace to have 6.9 fWAR which would shatter the 4.7 fWAR he had last year in which he was #7 in MVP voting. He's proving not only that last year wasnt a fluke, he's just getting started.

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    Ian Anderson demoted for Huascar Ynoa.

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