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Thread: It's Back: Exceelent Movies I've Seen Lately

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    Quote Originally Posted by heyelander View Post
    i had every letter capitalized and RJ made them all lowercase.
    So you're the tag team partner that throws the other partner under the bus? I always had you figured as a "face" not a "heel".
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    Quote Originally Posted by TranaGreg View Post
    I saw A Star is Born yesterday - better than I expected; extremely well acted (Gaga is as good as advertised), and the music scenes are really well done.
    Saw it yesterday as well. I liked it quite a bit - great acting, great songs, pretty moving story. The only thing that kept it from being truly great was that it's a pretty familiar story (even besides it being a remake) - famous guy plucks someone out of nowhere, makes her famous, has his own issues, etc. They really did a good job of depicting the struggles of alcoholism in this one - not just some dude pounding shots at a bar but the more subtle bad decisions one can make that lead to the spiral.

    I'm having a hard time deciding who I want to win Best Picture on Sunday. I've seen 5 out of the 8 now (A Star Is Born, Roma, The Favourite, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Black Kkklansman) and The Favourite was my uhhh favorite but I just have a hard time seeing it win. I keep hearing Roma is the one to beat - and I know Hollywood loves to honor great film making over the crowd pleasers - but it just rang a little flat for me. Oh well, maybe we'll get some better movies in 2019.


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