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Thread: SeaDogStat Memorial League picks and discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    I've been telling Pauly for a few rounds that he is worth taking this late, finally got to the point where I couldn't keep passing him up. Reward>Risk here for me.
    That discussion led to an interesting look at the CHW bullpen. Ken and I debated how viable Graveman actually is as a closer. We both agree he is definitely in the middle to lower tier of closers based on skills. I argued that while Bummer is probably a better pitcher than Graveman, CHW only has two LHP in their pen, which makes me think they will stick with Graveman at least if/until Hendriks can return.

    Ken disagrees, saying Bummer has every bit as good a chance to close as Graveman (forgive me if I am putting words in your mouth), and even Diekman and Kelly could challenge. I will let him fill in if I am missing anything. I did agree that Kelly could be a darkhorse.

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    There is one more candidate. Past two seasons as a reliever:
    83.2 IP
    2.69 ERA
    .88 WHIP
    25.6% K%
    4.4% BB%
    Reynaldo Lopez
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    Hendricks had bubbled up to the top of my queue when he was taken. Well worth the risk at this point (they're all essentially flyers of one sort or another now anyway).
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