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Thread: Exceelent TV Shows

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    Quote Originally Posted by revo View Post
    For many people who watch TWD from their DVRs, the next to last episode "The Calm Before" did not have the final 20 minutes of the show recorded -- you know, the 20 minutes where all the action happened. I only found out about this from my buddy the other day when we were discussing this season:

    Me: I feel like I missed something between the last two episodes.
    Him: You definitely did.

    We had to re-watch that episode and now know what happened. It makes it a little bit better, but overall I agree with you. Without Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Morgan, soon to be Michonne, and Neagan neutered, there's no lead character. Darryl just grunts his way through every scene. Not sure which way they will go next year, but they need to do something different.
    I think they just need to put Negan back in the starting lineup and probably create a new character thats not in the comic (because Rick/Carl/Michonne/etc storylines have to be absorbed by someone) and hopefully get a good actor for that part which will eventually turn into one of the new leads. Overall I thought the writing and direction of the past season was good and they should continue with the current creative team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heyelander View Post
    I like Maggie's new show, but everything I read says it is unlikely to be renewed. I'm a bit behind on TWD, but I believe they left it open for her to come back if the situation presented itself.
    Yeah she basically just disappeared. You sort of find out where she went from other characters' conversation. There's rumors she might be offered a spinoff of her own to get her to come back but hopefully they can get her back on the main show.


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