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Thread: The new COVID thread

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    At its core, religion is anti-science, so it's not surprising to me that conservatives tend to resist science more.
    Communities of all faiths are implored by our Scriptures and our traditions to care for the sick and vulnerable, to love thy neighbor, and to honor and respect all of God's creations.

    As Christians in particular, we follow a healing savior who spent his life dwelling with the poor, who never turned his back on any disease, and who commanded us to love us as he loved. From Pope Francis to Franklin Graham, religious leaders of almost every tradition have spoken in support of vaccines.

    Yet there is only one Jesus. The rest of us can't heal the sick or prevent diseases by simply blowing the wind of God on the virus and declaring it destroyed. What we can do is call on the HELP Committee to include $34 billion in funding in the budget reconciliation bill to significantly accelerate the production of COVID-19 vaccines for global distribution.

    Members of Faithful America, the grassroots Christian organization I work for, are doing just that, sending more than 8,000 messages to committee members and Biden urging adoption of this life-saving measure.

    Faithful America's ask echoes similar messages from Partners in Health, Oxfam, Public Citizen, and dozens of prominent public-health school deans and professors. It is an urgent request based on science, but also one rooted in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and his teachings of love and the common good.

    The Rev. Nathan Empsall is executive director of Faithful America, as well as an Episcopal priest. He holds a Master of Environmental Management and a Master of Divinity from Yale University.

    Here is the link to the whole article-
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