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Thread: Freeroll? - 15 team mixed - I'm double booked

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    Freeroll? - 15 team mixed - I'm double booked

    Two of my leagues are drafting on the same night, March 31st.

    Since I can't reasonably do both I thought I'd offer up one of the teams. 15 team keeper league mixed run by revo. Standard 5x5 using OBP. $100 entry (more on that below)

    2021 is already paid for.

    My keepers are Voit ($8), Lowe ($7), Verdugo ($9), Fried ($10), Bundy ($5), Edwin Diaz ($14). Abrams in the minors. Maybe Lindor in there at $33 instead of one of those?

    I'd offer two options for this team:

    Option 1) You draft and I'll run the team and split any winnings 50/50. So it's a freeroll for you.
    Option 2) You take over the team entirely and reimburse me half

    I've taken on too much this year since I'm also writing auction software for a couple leagues and I have a music gig coming up too. I'm just spread too thin. So I don't mind donating 50% of the entry fee if you want to take over entirely.

    Once an owner is identified I'll run it by the league to make sure they are okay with it. I'm doing this on my own but ultimately it's not my final choice obviously.

    PM me if interested.

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    Nevermind, taken. That was quick

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    I know you don't want me in your leagues. You don't need to flaunt it.
    I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert...

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