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Thread: Official Week 6 Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregg View Post
    Mitch gets traded to KC for a 4th round pick!!
    April fools?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    April fools?
    Apparently in my exuberance I got punked.

    I am pretty embarrassed about it too.

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    OK, I don't often read Jay Busbee anymore, but any article titled "Fire the entire NFC East into the Sun" got my attention.

    For your reading pleasure, especially for those of us who get schadenfreude out of the NFC East wallowing neck deep in football mire:
    I'm just here for the baseball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregg View Post
    Bears brain trust on draft night:

    “ We need to trade up and get Mitch before someone else takes him!”

    “Nah just wait and we take that Mahomes kid with our own pick and have more picks to rebuild.”

    “Are you nuts! WE HAVE GOT TO GET MITCH!!!”


    Mahomes earned himself a pretty nice slice of NFL history last night. He became the fastest player in modern NFL history to throw 90 career touchdown passes; Dan Marino did it in 40 games but Mahomes reached that mark on Monday in his 37th game.

    Hmm…guess I am not over that one yet.
    Don't feel bad. I'm still not over the Steelers taking Gabe Rivera instead of Dan Marino.

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