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Thread: Last two weeks. Who is in a Dog Fight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GwynnInTheHall View Post
    @nd, 3rd and 2nd--All in all for playing in 3 leagues--I'll take it!
    Congratulations! Those are great finishes!
    I'm just here for the baseball.

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    I won lockdown. A 20 team league title a first for me!

    I took back to back in msgl!

    Sadly I lost pony by 0.5 points for the 16th time there is no joy in court street.

    Jesse tied for 4th not sure how the tiebreaker works so still a chance at the Tank for Tork working.

    Finished 5th in 12to but I think I win the 3 year title so not bad.

    Heck of a year, hope everyone else who won is having some yohoo.

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    I just missed my second 20 team title, finishing 2nd by 1.5 points.

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    I ended up in 3rd in my only league, a 14 team leaguer I thought I was gonna win. I tried hard to overcome the early loses of Verlander, Kluber, and then Paxton, and some other losses, like Bregman for a spell then Chapman, but it was too much. Of course, most teams got hit this year pretty hard. The two teams ahead of me got pretty lucky in that regard, though, in addition to having really strong teams, of course. Not an elite season ending injury between them. Still, it stings being in good shape most of the year, despite the losses, and falling off right at the end.

    Could be worse. The team I thought was gonna beat me, winning his first title in his 24 years in the league got caught by Moncada on one of the last hits of the season. That edged him out. And the team that caught him, he won his first title, so feel good story there, but this guy has had the worst franchise in our league history since he came into the league 15 years ago. In all that time, he has never, ever come close to the money, and we pay the top 6 teams. Not even close. I guess 15 years of dumping finally paid off. The funny thing is that the money losses of those 15 years of futility almost got wiped out tonight. We just raised league fees this year and allocated a larger portion to the winner. The combo of those two things means this guy is not that far off even now.

    Next year should be my year. I have won this league ever three years for the last 15, save for 2017, 2018, when I disrupted the pattern by winning b2b. But now losing 2019 and 2020, I am hoping the old pattern comes back and I get it again in 2021.

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    Quote Originally Posted by virgonomic View Post
    14 team mixed: was as low as 6th a couple weeks ago, but surged / top teams free fell and am safely in second with no shot at 1st. Losing Strasburg hurt.

    12-team AL: fought my way out of 4th. Running out of time to catch second. Really good showing despite losing Kluber and YAlvarez.

    12-team mixed AFA: Was as high as 2nd but dropped to 8th and wasn't able to move up.
    I finished 2nd, T2nd, 8th.

    In my AL league, another team got a late run or steal Sunday to move me into a tie for second. I dumped last year and the league consensus was that 2020 counts as a season (1-year keepers). I've been in the league since the mid 90's but this was likely my swan song due to losing my keepers, a cheating commish which drove some of my friends out, and a lack of activity over the years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chancellor View Post
    Congratulations! Those are great finishes!
    Thanks for all your input!
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