26 year old Roto Keeper League looking for new owners. $40 bet, CBS. Special bonus - free in 2020! Commish pays the CBS fee in 2020 for new owners (usually $10).

The country is starting to open and I think MLB has a plan for games in Florida, we are going to draft. I know everyone wants baseball - it's Spring!

8 keepers plus 4 minor league keepers. (Minor leaguers can be kept the season after their loss of ROY eligibility.)

Expansion rules favor new owners. Expansions owners have won in their first year. New owners do not take over old teams. Existing teams will be protecting about 32 major leaguers and 16 minor leaguers, all other unprotected players are put into the draft pool. New owners pick from the entire pool until all teams have their 8 keepers.

Ave, HR, RBI, SB, TBW (Total Bases Plus Walks - the best stat!)


C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, corner, 4 OF, 5SP, 3RP

Daily transactions, 1350 max IP limit, no min

8 bench, minor league roster can be used as a bench.

Slowly timed asynchronous draft will last a few weeks (we are starting late and the MLB delay bought us time). This is for patient thinkers. Owners are asked to make their picks in an hour or so but the clock is generally at 12 hours so you can work or sleep or party then get home to think about your pick and make it. It's fun because it's not over in two hours and you get the more time "at bat". You also dont need to schedule it around your other leagues or worry about your kid's baptism getting in the way.

LeagueSafe https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3929958

Email [email protected] with your email and I'll send you and invite. You can look at the league details and decide to accept or not.