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Thread: My father has passed away from COVID-19

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    Thanks, all.

    My stepmother had an endoscopy that found an ulcer that was not bleeding. They think she will need at least 2 more days in the hospital.

    The problem is what happens when she leaves. She is in California and my sisters and I are thousands of miles away.
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    this feels like a feeble thought in your time of need.

    but if your stepmother uses the internet, it may not be difficult to get her set up with something like Zoom, to where she just clicks a link on a laptop and she can see and hear all of you at once in a call.

    even better step would be headphones, but maybe that's too much at once. of course I don't know her tech savvy level.

    maybe a 4-way conference call can work. if not, then setting a schedule for traditional calls, where you each set up a half-hour a week or whatever. Facebook if she uses that.

    my Dad was a widower for 15 years and I have 4 siblings. we worked out a very rough schedule of visits over time (after 50 years, he had zero interest in getting 'back in the game'.)

    yes, in person. but we work with the tools we have, and it seems like your stepmother might benefit from whichever of these levels is practical.

    best of luck in a rough time.
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    My condolences to you and your family, may you find the grace and strength to navigate this difficult time.

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    just saw this, sorry to hear about your loss. Hang in there.

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    Sorry for your loss
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    Erik, sorry for your loss. This hit me deeper than I expected. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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