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Thread: Anatomy of a Crazy Auction (very long read)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wombat104 View Post
    If it makes you feel any better I would agree with you on Castro. Bidding should have been rolled back to the last legal bid (Dave for $1) and then anyone should have been able to bid.
    Yes I agree with that too.

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    Great stuff, Cavebird! We have an individual notorious for making illegal bids, so we added a rule to the constitution to cover the Castro issue. Not only is bidding rolled back to the last legal bid, the person making the illegal bid is fined $5.

    I like how you finished out your roster - I'm not sure Happ will hit over .260 again, but he'll likely win the starting job and should provide really good counting stats, KSeager is totally unsexy but well worth $2, Stanek being fully healthy is a solid RP and could well sneak in saves, and being able to flip Marquez in and out of away starts is great. The longer layoff may well help Piscotty get and stay healthy and he could be a really good benefit on your reserves.
    I'm just here for the baseball.

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    Okay, attempt two at showing the relevant rosters. Keepers in bold. Not side by side, because, well, that doesn't work.


    C 1 Vazquez,Christian
    1B 44 Freeman,Freddie
    CI 13 Cron,C.J.
    3B 19 Turner,Justin
    2B 25 Moustakas,Mike
    MI 21 Rosario,Amed
    SS 33 Bogaerts,Xander
    OF 11 Acuna,Ronald
    OF 33 Meadows,Austin
    OF 22 Castellanos,Nick
    OF 7 Anderson,Brian
    OF 1 Happ,Ian
    UT 1 Seager,Kyle
    SP 11 Flaherty,Jack
    SP 6 Montas,Frankie
    SP 11 Rodriguez,Eduardo
    SP 4 Musgrove,Joe
    SP 2 Sanchez,Anibal
    SP 2 Marquez,German
    RP 1 Stanek,Ryne
    RP 2 Newcomb,Sean
    RP 4 Karinchak,James
    RP 6 Anderson,Nick
    RP 7 Kennedy,Ian
    RES 0 Abrams,C.J.
    RES 0 Walker,Taijuan
    RES 0 Bleday,J.J.
    RES 0 Piscotty,Stephen
    RES 0 Smoak,Justin
    RES 0 Lopez,Pablo
    RES 0 Treinen,Blake
    RES 0 Thames,Eric
    RES 0 Cruz,Oneil
    RES 0 Fowler,Dexter


    C 2 Jansen,Danny
    1B 4 Voit,Luke
    CI 7 Murphy,Daniel
    3B 23 Donaldson,Josh
    2B 29 Merrifield,Whit
    MI 10 Segura,Jean
    SS 21 Lindor,Francisco
    OF 16 Benintendi,Andrew
    OF 36 Harper,Bryce
    OF 12 Buxton,Byron
    OF 13 Upton,Justin
    OF 3 Puig,Yasiel
    UT 3 Bohm,Alec
    SP 20 Clevinger,Mike
    SP 20 Castillo,Luis
    SP 14 Ryu,Hyun-Jin
    SP 13 Urias,Julio
    SP 7 Weaver,Luke
    SP 2 Samardzija,Jeff
    RP 1 May,Trevor
    RP 2 Harris,Will
    RP 2 Kahnle,Tommy
    RP 14 Kela,Keone
    RP 19 Hand,Brad
    RES 0 Dominguez,Jasson
    RES 0 Skubal,Tarik
    RES 0 Quintana,Jose
    RES 0 Cabrera,Miguel
    RES 0 Stripling,Ross
    RES 0 Kikuchi,Yusei
    RES 0 Kendrick,Howie
    RES 0 Lopez,Reynaldo
    RES 0 Bichette,Bo
    RES 0 Bart,Joey


    C 1 Molina,Yadier
    1B 30 Goldschmidt,Paul
    CI 55 Bellinger,Cody
    3B 1 Castro,Starlin
    2B 11 Albies,Ozzie
    MI 11 Mondesi,Adalberto
    SS 6 Gregorius,Didi
    OF 26 Betts,Mookie
    OF 6 Soto,Juan
    OF 1 Reyes,Victor
    OF 1 Heyward,Jason
    OF 1 Kirilloff,Alex
    UT 1 Solak,Nick
    SP 11 Wheeler,Zack
    SP 57 Scherzer,Max
    SP 29 Darvish,Yu
    SP 1 Kim,Kwang-Hyun
    SP 1 Fiers,Mike
    SP 1 DeSclafani,Anthony
    RP 1 Liberatore,Adam
    RP 1 Suter,Brent
    RP 24 Giles,Ken
    RP 12 Martinez,Carlos
    RP 6 Hendriks,Liam
    RES 0 Witt,Bobby
    RES 0 Sanchez,Sixto
    RES 0 Means,John
    RES 0 Pujols,Albert
    RES 0 Pineda,Michael
    RES 0 Winker,Jesse
    RES 0 Hayes,Ke'Bryan
    RES 0 Robert,Luis
    RES 0 Mesa,Victor
    RES 0 Alvarez,Yordan

    The Commish

    C 2 Narvaez,Omar
    1B 1 Moreland,Mitch
    CI 2 Urshela,Giovanny
    3B 40 Rendon,Anthony
    2B 13 Lowe,Brandon
    MI 5 Berti,Jon
    SS 35 Baez,Javier
    OF 57 Yelich,Christian
    OF 6 Reynolds,Bryan
    OF 11 Braun,Ryan
    OF 5 Akiyama,Shogo
    OF 6 Garcia,Avisail
    UT 12 Ohtani,Shohei
    SP 44 Verlander,Justin
    SP 23 Woodruff,Brandon
    SP 5 Tanaka,Masahiro
    SP 1 Mikolas,Miles
    SP 1 Hill,Rich
    SP 1 Montgomery,Jordan
    RP 1 Lindblom,Josh
    RP 1 Petit,Yusmeiro
    RP 1 Stammen,Craig
    RP 5 Betances,Dellin
    RP 7 Rogers,Taylor
    RES 0 Happ,J.A.
    RES 0 Longoria,Evan
    RES 0 O Neill,Tyler
    RES 0 Ahmed,Nick
    RES 0 Bishop,Hunter
    RES 0 Eovaldi,Nathan
    RES 0 Gonzalez,Gio
    RES 0 Nimmo,Brandon
    RES 0 White,Evan
    RES 0 Lux,Gavin

    Mike (the other guy with a solid keeper list)

    C 7 Perez,Salvador
    1B 14 Bell,Josh
    CI 2 Mancini,Trey
    3B 22 Chapman,Matt
    2B 6 Biggio,Cavan
    MI 6 Wong,Kolten
    SS 14 Tatis,Fernando
    OF 1 Senzel,Nick
    OF 13 Soler,Jorge
    OF 10 Reyes,Franmil
    OF 7 Grisham,Trent
    OF 6 Peraza,Jose
    UT 16 Andrus,Elvis
    SP 6 Giolito,Lucas
    SP 37 Strasburg,Stephen
    SP 14 Paddack,Chris
    SP 26 Syndergaard,Noah
    SP 6 Smith,Caleb
    SP 8 McCullers,Lance
    RP 9 Jimenez,Joe
    RP 2 Oberg,Scott
    RP 6 Kintzler,Brandon
    RP 16 Doolittle,Sean
    RP 28 Osuna,Roberto
    RES 0 Tsutsugo,Yoshitomo
    RES 0 Long,Shed
    RES 0 Tauchman,Mike
    RES 0 Dyson,Jarrod
    RES 0 Aquino,Aristides
    RES 0 Mahle,Tyler
    RES 0 Alberto,Hanser
    RES 0 Wright,Kyle
    RES 0 Diaz,Yusniel
    RES 0 Astudillo,Willians

    Those are the top five that I see, although others are close. For shits and giggles, here are the teams of Steve and Colin.


    C 1 Smith,Will D.
    1B 1 Tellez,Rowdy
    CI 6 La Stella,Tommy
    3B 16 Bregman,Alex
    2B 3 Odor,Rougned
    MI 2 Profar,Jurickson
    SS 26 Correa,Carlos
    OF 6 Gurriel,Lourdes
    OF 6 Brinson,Lewis
    OF 32 Judge,Aaron
    OF 23 Pham,Tommy
    OF 3 Polanco,Gregory
    UT 2 Carlson,Dylan
    SP 58 DeGrom,Jacob
    SP 56 Buehler,Walker
    SP 27 Nola,Aaron
    SP 17 Luzardo,Jesus
    SP 1 Pearson,Nate
    SP 1 Gibson,Kyle
    RP 1 Vazquez,Felipe
    RP 1 Garrett,Amir
    RP 1 Davis,Wade
    RP 4 Givens,Mychal
    RP 1 Burdi,Nick
    RES 0 Larnach,Trevor
    RES 0 Downs,Jeter
    RES 0 McKay,Brendan
    RES 0 Adell,Jo
    RES 0 Pache,Cristian
    RES 0 Gore,Mackenzie
    RES 0 Kieboom,Carter
    RES 0 Mize,Casey
    RES 0 Puk,A.J.
    RES 0 Whitley,Forrest


    C 9 Grandal,Yasmani
    1B 9 Walker,Christian
    CI 7 Davis,J.D.
    3B 2 Diaz,Yandy
    2B 2 Gordon,Dee
    MI 1 Adames,Willy
    SS 1 Simmons,Andrelton
    OF 4 Peralta,David
    OF 2 Hilliard,Sam
    OF 10 McCutchen,Andrew
    OF 1 Santander,Anthony
    OF 7 Renfroe,Hunter
    UT 8 Davis,Khris
    SP 35 Bieber,Shane
    SP 22 Bauer,Trevor
    SP 21 Glasnow,Tyler
    SP 12 Carrasco,Carlos
    SP 17 Gallen,Zac
    SP 5 Bundy,Dylan
    RP 7 Leclerc,Jose
    RP 20 Iglesias,Raisel
    RP 23 Kimbrel,Craig
    RP 31 Yates,Kirby
    RP 35 Hader,Josh
    RES 0 Luciano,Marco
    RES 0 Robinson,Kristian
    RES 0 Brujan,Vidal
    RES 0 Jones,Nolan
    RES 0 Green,Riley
    RES 0 Peralta,Freddy
    RES 0 Margot,Manuel
    RES 0 Taylor,Chris
    RES 0 Mauricio,Ronny
    RES 0 Pena,Erick

    Fingers crossed on formatting.
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    FWIW, the program standings (which are always misleading; for example, it cannot consider that I will use Marquez on the road) after putting the obvious free keepers (Bichette, Alvaraez, etc.) in teams' lineups has Dave at 113.5, me at 107.5, Jeff at 103.5, the Commish at 100.0, another team (Commish's wife) at 99.0, and Mike at 92.5. More or less as I expected. That, however, is using the projections from draft day---i.e. before Mike lost Syndergaard for the season. After updating, me and Dave are the same, Jeff is up to 106.5, Randy is up to 100.5 and his wife is up to 100.0. Mike is down to eighth at 83.0.

    Of course, assuming there is a season, I have on problem compared especially to Dave. He has keepers to trade---Albies, Modesi, etc. I don't have much at all. Montas is about it. With our rules on dump trades (350 in-season salary cap and a max of 3-1), I can't get enough value to trade Acuna that I could fit in my lineup, and Flaherty and E-Rod are on final, expiring contracts.

    So, my analysis of the draft is that more or less the top contenders all held serve. The commish and his wife both had good drafts. All up in the air---everything is tight, and the Syndergaard injury shows how volatile things could be based on injuries. I am happy that I got some depth in SP (Newcomb, Lopez, Walker) and hitting (Piscotty, Thames) in the reserve draft to help me out. On the other hand, the lack of keepers to trade might hamstring me--I would need a new keeper to pop up to help me, and given the prices I paid for my players, I don't know if that is likely. I am going to have to go for it the old fashioned way through the waiver wire.

    So, what sayeth the pen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavebird View Post
    Actually, no. This league has been around since the early 90's in one form or another. Baseball people, not football people. But they were doing 1 C long before most were, for reasons that pre-date my membership in the league. Lots of weird rules that relate to random experiences.
    That's somewhat similar to my league. It dates from the mid-80s (there are no original members left) and the founders just cobbled together a bunch of rules on their own because things weren't really codified back then. Some of the unusual rules have been changed over the years to conform with standard Roto rules, but some of them remain, and 1 C is one of those.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Seitzer View Post
    We pinch ran for Altuve specifically to screw over Mith's fantasy team.

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    Why would Mike keep Astudillo? That makes no sense...I have to assume a formatting error in that case.

    Otherwise, I do like your team, solid to great at every position, with very good pitching, although a bit light on starters. You'll need Marquez to shine on the road, and maybe at home, and Karinchak to make a contribution. Lopez could be sneaky good, and I really like Treinen. He has the possibility to really take the job if the Jansen recovery hits the skids. Nice job...
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    Overall, I agree with Hornsby - very solid team, some risk at SP. I think you're also light on speed - I'm figuring Acuna/Rosario for 65-70 SBs, Meadows for another 15ish, and Happ for about 10. You need a break or two to get some players to deal at dump time - like Happ doing well and generating interest, or, as Horns noted, Treinen taking over as closer, or Piscotty staying healthy and returning to 2018 form. But you look like you have a highly competitive team.
    I'm just here for the baseball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornsby View Post
    Why would Mike keep Astudillo? That makes no sense...I have to assume a formatting error in that case.

    Otherwise, I do like your team, solid to great at every position, with very good pitching, although a bit light on starters. You'll need Marquez to shine on the road, and maybe at home, and Karinchak to make a contribution. Lopez could be sneaky good, and I really like Treinen. He has the possibility to really take the job if the Jansen recovery hits the skids. Nice job...
    He did keep Astudillo. He's a 10th round reserve pick keeper. Kept because, well, he's fun, I guess. He'll likely be dropped before the season starts.

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    CB - thanks for posting! Great fun and well done (for a Braves fan!).

    Good luck with your season!

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