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Thread: Coffee thread.

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    Coffee thread.

    Years ago we had a thread about coffee. Much has changed since then. I did a coffee search and it appears that the old thread was prior to 2014.

    I like black bold coffee. I grind my own beans and drink about 3/4 of a pot a day on ave. Never less than 2 cups a day.

    What about you?

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    I wish you had enough coffee to tell us about Olson last year, geez.

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    Jura machine owner here. Milk, maybe 1/4 tsp sugar.

    3/4 of a pot per day seems like a lot. I'm one cup a day.

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    no coffee - if I drank it, I might spontaneously combust.

    I get out of bed each morning locked and loaded - well, not 'loaded' (anymore).
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    Organic Dark Blend/Espresso beans, freshly ground and pressed. A splash of heavy whipping cream and every once in a while cinnamon and honey.

    One cup to send me on my way.
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    Cart outside my office in Queens on my way up to my desk. Large with milk and two Splenda. On the weekends we tend to go to diners or bagel shops or brunch spots in the morning and I'll usually have two refills.

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    no coffee please. thank you.
    I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert...

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    One cup every morning from the Keurig, always light roast. Splash some flavored cream and a stevia, and I'm usually good for the day.

    The occasion vanilla latte is meeting someone at a coffee shop.
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    Really good coffee black if I can find it. Otherwise, cream/milk and 1 or 2 Splendas to make it drinkable.

    Horribly addicted to sweet espresso drinks from Starbucks and trying to break the habit. Would prefer to do iced coffee as I don't love their hot coffees.

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    I usually drink 2 a day. 1 from the Keurig at home and one from the Keurug at work. Some weekends I brew a pot.

    McCafe if I'm on the go.

    Hazelnut and/or vanilla if its an option.

    Light cream or 1 milk 1 cream is the usual; half + half once in a while. Cut out sugar 7 or 8 years ago. Once in a blue moon I add it.

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