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Thread: NFL PLayoffs

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    "strong" for Shell because free safety Paul Krause had 81 picks.

    also conveniently not mentioned is that INTs are at all-time lows. if Donnie Shell played his career in the 2010s, he'd be lucky to have 20.

    I mean, maybe all of the best baseball sluggers played in the early 1930s, or.....
    entering 37th yr in same 12-team NL 5x5
    horrendous final week dropped me from a shot at 3rd to 6th
    won in 2017 15 07 05 04 02 93 90 84

    2020 candidates (keep up to 11)
    SP Scherzer 44, Samardzija 1, CSmith 1, Cueto 1, Marquez 10, Eflin 10
    RP Stanek 8
    C Realmuto 13, C Posey 12, 1B Votto 27, 1O Belt 10, 1O Beaty 10, SS BCrawford 9
    OF CDickerson 17, O1 Cooper 10, Dyson 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judge Jude View Post
    I'm sure there's a tipping point somewhere of having so many Steelers players from those teams in the Hall that it makes sense to evict coach Chuck Noll - because with that many Hall of Famers, even a chimp could win 4 Super Bowls! (come to think of it, the QB was Terry Bradshaw so)

    Maybe the HOF is not good at math.

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    Quote Originally Posted by revo View Post
    And Karras (and Paul Hornung) were suspended for an entire season due to their admission that they bet on NFL games. Pete Rose, banned for life; Alex Karras & Paul Hornung, HOFers.
    It's likely what kept Karras out, along with the failure of the Lions to win a championship since before I was born. And the lack of Per the Rose and Karras/Hornung comparison - both received the punishment at the time the league commissioners promised if they bet on games.
    I'm just here for the baseball.


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