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    Damn that was fun! Watching Bianca Andreescu this past couple of months has been awesome, and seeing her win the US Open against Serena yesterday was brilliant (well, for us north of the border, anyway). It's not often that you can see a top-tier athlete mature & develop in such an accelerated way but that's what happened here ... she's gonna be on the big stage for a long time.
    It certainly feels that way. But I'm distrustful of that feeling and am curious about evidence.
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    I must say that Serena's serve was dismal, and not so much from anything Andreescu did. she has lost 4 finals in a row while trying to catch Margaret Court's record of 24 Slams (which is silly, as Court used to pretty much just play Australian amateurs pre-1968).

    Still, Canada finally has a Slam winner of its own! great talent. she deserved it
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