25+ year keeper league needs 1 to 3 owners (have 11 now). Excellent time to build a new team - new teams do very well under our rules. Arenado, Betts, many other stars available.

$20 bet (it's optional, but almost everyone bets)

Usually we start our draft before March 1 and have a very long clock - 12 hours and it lasts all month, only for the patient. We are very late this year so will have the slow clock for only a week and then finish up faster online draft.

Standard scoring + TBW (total bases + walks) for hitters and + QS% for pitchers.

8 keepers + 4 minor league keepers

C, 1B, 2B, SS, CL, MI, 4 OF, 5SP, 3RP

1350 max IP limit

2 FA moves a week

Email mike at bushe fot com