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Thread: Are any of these cancelled TV shows worth watching?

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    Mrs. ITC and I loved Last Man on Earth. Very funny. There is an ending, but it's weaker than I would have liked.

    Worth a watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TranaGreg View Post
    you're smarter than I am ... I ended up watching season 6 ... my bad ... at least they didn't change the opening music & scenes, that was always a good minute and a half.
    The credits were always among the best parts of the show, even in the good seasons.
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    thanks for the thoughts guys...

    Out of my original list I'm dropping Masters of Sex and probably Counterpart because I really dont think its going to have a satisfying conclusion after getting cancelled. I might give Colony a brief look and see if it grabs me in the first ep, if it doesnt its getting cut also.

    I'll give the Marvel shows a shot, and since I'm going to try all but Iron First, I'll try the Defenders also.

    Anyone ever watch The Knick? Its on the bubble...

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    I enjoyed the Knick a lot, disappointed about the loose ends left after cancellation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Igor View Post
    I enjoyed the Knick a lot, disappointed about the loose ends left after cancellation.
    thanks, probably will cross it off the list then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik View Post
    House of Cards season 5, the last with Kevin Spacey and the first without its creator, was awful. Some of the worst TV writing I'd ever seen. I would not have watched season 6 even if Spacey were still there.
    This is spot-on. The first couple seasons were pretty damn awesome, can't remember exactly what happens in seasons 3 and 4 but I remember them being quite good, then after season 5 (and before the Spacey scandal) we agreed we just didn't care anymore.

    Loved Last Man on Earth - not on par with the all-time comedy classics but always entertaining with a fun cast of characters. Since comedies don't really need satisfying endings (even high concept ones like LMoE) I'm never disappointed with how they end as long as the episodes are quality until the end.


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