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Thread: Frank Robinson, RIP

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    Frank Robinson, RIP

    The baseball legend was 83. RIP.

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    The first black manager (player/manager) benched himself instead of trying to get the 57 hits he needed for 3000 or the 14 home runs he needed for 600. I always liked his 1964 Topps Giant (size) card. RIP Frank Robinson.

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    Opening Day 1975 that man became a hero to many of us kids. Class act, Great player. God Bless Frank

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    My first memory of him was as an aging Oriole. I thought it was funny there were two Robinsons.

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    great interview on Mad Dog radio last night with Pete Rose, who went into how Robinson and Vada Pinson took Pete under their wings when Pete got there and taught him how to be a professional. This was despite the fact that Reds management had concerns about Pete hanging with black men. If you get a chance to listen, I recommend it.
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    Rachel Robinson buried her husband Jackie 47 years ago - and saw Frank become the first black MLB manager just three years later.

    I expect we'll see her at Frank's funeral as well.

    all that nonsense must seem like more than 100 years ago to young baseball fans.
    but there are still a few left who bore witness.....
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