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Thread: 2K19 Jesus Aguilar

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    2K19 Jesus Aguilar

    28 years old 6"3" 296. HR monster with good OBP.

    Do you trust him for 2019?

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    I don't know if I fully trust him, but you kind of have to strongly consider gambling on him at a position that while historically deep, was pretty crappy in 2018. In 2019, it should be better, but there are still a lot of question marks at the position, and who would you rather gamble on? A lot of old staples that I've relied on for year are, well, old. In both leagues, we see a fall off from a lot of former studs.

    I don't trust a full recovery from Votto, and Encarnacion looks to be on the decline as well. And then there are even older or steeper declines from long time stables like Pujols and Miggy (Miggy isn't that old, but has been in decline). I don't expect a full rebound from Hosmer either. There are some up and comers, sure, but given the landscape, even admitting that Aguilar is a clear gamble for a repeat, I look at the skills he showed last year, that park and line up, and his peers at 1b, and I'd say Aguilar is a pretty solid guy to go after as your 1bman/corner.

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    Yeah, 1B still kinda sucks. It wasn't all that great last year either. Too bad Daniel Murphy doesn't qualify there this year. A lot of owners will be using 3Bs as their CIs this season.

    Anyway...... Aguilar.

    2018 stats 566pa, 274/352/539, 35 HR, 108 RBI, 80 R, 0sb/0cs. A .309 BABIP, and a 23.8% HR/FB. High HR/FB but he's a strong dude and plays in Miller Park. Solid 10.2% walk rate and not terrible 25.3% K rate.

    Steamer is skeptical, putting him at 242/317/454 with 29 HR and 84 RBI.

    I like that he was good against righties (271/341/535, 9.2% bb% and 26.4% k%) so he wasn't just a lefty masher last season. Looks like he was about 12th among all major leaguers in exit velocity.

    He's currently 7th among all 1Bs in NFBC ADP at 81. Abreu is 8th at 86 - and probably a reasonable comp, though he probably comes with more AVG and less power.

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    He's always hit for power. His HR/FB% stayed virtually the same from 2017 to 2018. His K% decreased and his BB% increased. I think he's a good bet for 30 HRs.


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