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Thread: Whamageden Winners Circle.

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    Whamageden Winners Circle.

    Congrats on a tough season. It took skill and some good fortune to beat the odds. I do not want to miss anyone so please list your name here if you made it.

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    I'm proud to be victorious! Wham!

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    I made it - but I dont listen to the radio all that much. I select soundtracks for music while working, so I was pretty much in control of my own destiny.
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    heading into my 36th year in same 12-team NL 5x5
    AVG collapse last Sept left us finishing 4th
    won in 2017 15 07 05 04 02 93 90 84

    UPDATED! 2019 keeper candidates (can keep up to 11)
    SP AWood 5, CSmith 1, DHolland 10
    RP Jeffress 1, Dominguez 10, Knebel 2
    C Realmuto 13, 3B Longoria 15, 2S KMarte 10, 2B Kendrick 8, 2S Hanson 10
    OF Harper 41, Eaton 18, FCordero 10, Williamson 10

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    I am proud to join my RJ Brothers in the Circle!

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