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Thread: *** VD 13 Commentary Thread ***

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    Quote Originally Posted by heyelander View Post
    This is me as well... I don't think I would do something in an "almost certain death" situation, but I'm pretty sure I would underestimate the "almost certainty" in nearly any situation.

    Stepping into fights is different as I am severely non-confrontational. I'd like to be that guy, but I fear I would just escalate things and make them worse. I'd like to think I would step in if there was actual physical abuse going on though.
    I am also one to stick my nose in where it shouldn't be:
    example one - I was dating this girl and was over at her duplex one Saturday night , we were laying on the couch " watching " a movie when a big bang came on the door. Throwing on my jeans only I went to the door and a young girl was screaming he has a knife and is going to hurt my sister. I immediately follow her over to the other side enter their kitchen to see this guy holding a big knife yelling he was going to kill himself. I grabbed his wrist with the knife ( cutting my hand) and kept telling him he didn't want to do this. We struggled around the kitchen until I heard behind me stop and put your hands up. I turned around to see 2 cops pointing a gun at us. Standing there dripping blood barefoot , no shirt on . I could only tell them I was afraid to let go of his hand with the knife. Luckily he dropped the knife and the girl told them I was there helping her.

    Example 2:
    Our softball team was sponsored by a disco ( yes I am old you fuckers) 2 of the bouncers played with us and we would end up there most nights until it closed . This One night a big fight broke out with a bunch of drunks jumping on the 2 bouncer players I plowed into the mess to help them when the Manager( EX cop) Grabbed me by the throat crushing it lifted me up and slammed to the ground. After it was over I looked at him and whispered( could hardly talked) and said WTF. He said sorry All my bouncers are 300 plus so I was just grabbing all the skinny ass necks I saw.

    Hopefully in my old age I will now pull a

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    The weather dictates the first Frappuccino of the year. Good times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnya24 View Post
    The weather dictates the first Frappuccino of the year. Good times.
    Edit: Enjoy your tasty beverage!
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    I gotta say, the president of Puerto Rico sure is a lying piece of trash.


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