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Thread: Official Week 15 Thread

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    Big Leaguer swampdragon's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    northern new jersey
    The duo of rivers and badgely have dug a pretty deep hole for my championship team
    Hoping for a big turnaround today

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    Jan 2011
    i lost in the finals unless Lindsay and Denver get 36 points, which i highly doubt. opponent was the first place team. the manager could do no wrong this year and scored 136 points. it's my own fault. i drafted Kelce and Ertz which worked out beautifully with a flex. it also prevented most other teams from having good production at TE, so it was a 2 for one. but he had Mahomes so i thought i'd bench Ertz and play Kelce and Lindsay. it was a bonehead move. really thought i had it too... still it was a good year. i would draft 2 top tight ends at the end up rd 3 and top of rd 4 if possible again... if that's how they rank them.


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