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Thread: Trade Help - R. Wilson/AB for Goff/L. Miller

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    Trade Help - R. Wilson/AB for Goff/L. Miller

    12 team league, 4 pt per QB TD, 6 pts for the rest. 1/2pt PPR.

    I'd Receive: Russell Wilson and Antonio Brown (both non-keepers in our league)

    I'd Give Up: Jared Goff (Could be kept in the 9th next year but have other good keepers, so not worried about his keeper status) and Lamar Miller (non-keeper)

    I could really use the WR help - currently rolling out various combinations of Doug Baldwin, Golladay, John Brown and now hopefully Courtland Sutton. My RB's are strong - Gurley, Hunt (keeper) and James Connor. A little nervous about the Bell/Connor situation to give up someone like Miller but think the upside is worth it. If Bell does come back, I'd have to shuffle my FLEX around but should be manageable.

    For me, it comes down to the QBs and really, their playoff schedule (I'm in 2nd and should make the playoffs easily). I have Wentz as well.

    Week 14 - Wilson vs. Minny, Goff @ Chi, Wentz @ Dal... Advantage - even? Not great matchups across the board.
    Week 15 - Wilson @ SF, Goff vs. Philly, Wentz @ LAR... All good matchups
    Week 15 - Wilson vs. KC, Goff at ARI, Wentz vs. Hou... Advantage - Wilson?

    This seems to be a winning deal for me, I'm just nervous giving up Goff in the Rams juggernaut offense. I could counter with Wentz but he seems to be finding his groove. Both Wentz/Wilson have outscored Goff the past few weeks anyway and in a 1 QB league, all 3 of those guys are good options and worth it to upgrade my WRs to Antonio Brown, right?

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    I'd do that in a nano-second.

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    Pull the trigger quickly.

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    Accept before he recovers from his hangover.
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    Thanks all - sometimes the obvious ones are trickier as you try to figure out if you're missing something... We are swapping draft picks too next year (only a 2 round difference) which to me is negligible since I feel confident in my drafting abilities (and keeper options).


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