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Thread: Browns Releasing Josh Gordon

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    the problem is the dude is only making 800k. probably why he's showing up late thinking it's not worth it. the pats probably aren't going to pay him more. so unless he plans to have a big year with Brady, and then cash in.. i guess. but then it seems to always take time to learn the offense. how many WR's just jumped right in in NE before. Phillip Dorsett didn't play that much last year after getting traded from the Colts, he was a late first round pick, although the colts sort of gave up on him maybe. but it helps NE is sort of desperate. if they aren't they should be.

    a lot of factors going on. i think you'll see that players want to make money but it's fun to win too. i am down on my pats somewhat after last year and the Butler thing. i kind of want Belichick to retire. i understand why he did it and ok with it. but i'm tired of all the fucking controversies. it's not worth winning.

    i'd like to see Gordon reach his potential and be great. i guess we'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judge Jude View Post
    this is not your father's Browns - they plan to trade him to the NFC
    Huh...somehow that plan went awry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornsby View Post
    Huh...somehow that plan went awry.
    ok, maybe it is our father's Browns!
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    Can Brady still throw the deep ball? If he can, New England can just use the old run and gun with Gordon until he gets a better grasp of the playbook.

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    I can only ask what took so long?

    There is this impression that he is still the player that went crazy for half a season five years ago. Not.

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    Josh Gordon is "stepping away from football" to focus on his mental health.

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    He also failed another drug test (reportedly).

    I guess not even Belichick can fix this dude.


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