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Thread: Khalil Mack to the Bears

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    Quote Originally Posted by chancellor View Post
    Kudos to the Bears so far. Given how Jordan Howard's looked, they might just want to try Mack at RB for a few series, though.
    Thank you. Maybe he can kick for you part time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregg View Post
    Thank you. Maybe he can kick for you part time?
    LOL. I do believe that he's still perfect against the Bears, which is the most important part.
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    49ers tried to trade for Khalil Mack, Raiders now probably wish they had
    a bigger issue was probably that the Raiders didnít really see the 49ersí offer as better than the Bearsí offer. Lynch didnít say exactly what the 49ers offered for Mack, but assuming it was approximately the same package of draft picks that the Bears ended up giving the Raiders, itís possible that the Raiders turned the 49ers down simply because the Raiders expected the Bears to be picking higher in the draft order.
    Gruden will probably be better than how the Raiders have been doing, and i like him as an announcer and miss him in the booth. but i am not rooting for him as a coach. how can you root for anyone that sort of tanks on purpose. although the Raiders have won a few games. i feel more like a voyeur, with curiosity watching failure and wondering what will happen.


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