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Thread: Entering into the world of hand guns.

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    We went back to the shop to order my H&K P30L and they were out of them. They looked on line and their distributors were out of them. No information as to when they would be available. The owner of the shop said she would find one but it might take a couple of weeks.

    I made some calls to all of the H&K distributors in Illinois. No one had them, and there were several stories/rumors ranging from discontinuation to a large overseas government contract preventing this model to be made for 3-6 months. They all agreed there were none to be found.

    I decided that I would call some individual shops in the hopes that they might have one left in their display case. Around the 15th call I found one an hour and a half away. They would not give me a price on the phone. I drove there only to find that their price was 360 bucks more than what I was quoted originally. Supply and demand I guess. I ended up calling another 10-15 shops losing hope that I would be able to find one. I finally found one in Plainfield Illinois. They had one at normal price. My wife and I went there Saturday did the paper work and paid for the gun.

    The paper work said I could pick it up a 3:31 on Tuesday (3 day waiting period down to the minute). Got a call from the shop at 8:30 yesterday saying that my background check was not complete and I had to hold off. They said it is not uncommon around the holidays.

    I believe them as I purchased my wife's gun in November without issue.
    I was able to pick up my H&K yesterday afternoon. This shop had more red tape than the shop where I bought my wife's pistol. Not particularly a bad thing, not particularly a good thing. Took an extra half hour.

    After that they went through the safety stuff and the workings of the gun including how to break it down for cleaning. I find the mechanics of the gun interesting. It is both simple and complicated. I am sure with practice it will become easier.

    We will go tomorrow after work to give it try.

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    My wife and I went to the range Friday early evening to try out my new H&K P30L. Set the target for 21 feet. First shot was 6 inches low left. Second shot scored a bullseye. Fired a pretty good grouping and was well satisfied.

    My wife hit 3 bullseyes with my gun. She liked it but went back to her own .380. I think we each fired 50 rounds.

    At the end of the session I decided to try shooting 5 long shots. I set sent the target down 60 feet. It was far enough that I could not see the bullet holes in the paper. I aimed for a general area of the target that was unused. I hit one out of five in the area that I was trying to hit. Two of the other four were low left. The other two were off enough that they either mixed in with the other bullet holes or I missed the target entirely. Next time I will use a fresh target so I can be sure of where they hit. I like long shots.

    After shooting we went to Stone Creek Grill and had their Mexican Pizza. It was great. We talked about our shooting. We laughed at how fun this is as well as how life takes funny turns.

    Sunday my wife worked on this year's budget. When she was finished we went over it. I said you are forgetting the most important thing. She said you are right, I forgot the dog food. Nope you forgot to budget the bullets! In 2019 we are budgeting bullets. Never saw that coming.


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