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Thread: Nyc/$1000 entry fee/recruiting for 2019

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    Nyc/$1000 entry fee/recruiting for 2019

    Buzz's fantasy baseball league

    i run a fantasy baseball league out of nyc.

    My auctions are always live and i normally have a little turnover.

    As you would well imagine, not enough fantasy baseball gm's are willing to play in a large league, 15+ teams, with a $1000 entry fee.

    So that's why i figure i'll get started as early as possible.

    My league is full this season. Everyone had a good time at the live auction

    our league is roto style,

    our auction is a 5x5 auction redraft style. No keepers.

    Feel free to contact me at any point.

    I can log you into my league this season so you can see my league is legit.

    I'll save the bid prices players went for at the auction, to better help you assimilate to our league at next season's auction

    we're mainly middle aged professionals/family men.

    I'm putting together a waiting list for potential owners now for 2019

    enjoy your fantasy baseball leagues this season.

    My email address is [email protected]

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    And as usual, you do not state what the total prize fund is. You can troll here, but we'll always call you out.


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