We've had one owner who showed up for the auction but has disappeared on us for the reserve and minors draft. Buy-in is $30. 16-team league, been together for 15+ years.

6x6 - AVG, HR, R, RBI, SB-CS, BB-K and ERA, WHIP, K, W, HD, SV
+$3 first 3 years kept, +$6 after that

C- Flowers $1
1B- Freeman $34/7th year
2B- LeMahieu $13
3B- Donaldson $26/5th year
SS- Rosario $1
CI- Abreu $33
MI- Perez $1
OF- Altherr $1
OF- Cruz $23/4th year
OF- CarGo $3
OF- Pollock $25/3
DH- Hosmer $24
P- Anderson $12
P- Banda $1
P- Cobb $1
P- Giles $23/1st year
P- Green $1
P- Minor $1
P- Sabathia $1
P- Verlander $31
P- Vizcaino $4/1st year
Minors- Florial $10
Minors- Meadows $10
Minors- Hays $10