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Thread: San Francisco/Sacramento fantasy baseball owners

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    San Francisco/Sacramento fantasy baseball owners

    We have an NL-Only Auction league that's been going for a couple decades that needs one owner.

    The live auction will be at 10am on March 10th in Sacramento.

    We are a bunch of easy going owners who love baseball.

    The league has 12 owners:
    -Auction style
    -Standard 5 x 5 league
    -Keeper league
    -Live in person draft

    -League dues are 30 per owner. $17.50 of the 30 dollars goes into a pot for the league's top 3 winners, and the other 12.50 dollars pays for the stat service (CBS Sportsline).

    It's a blast, ton of fun. And yes, it's entirely in person.

    Please have anyone who is interested write to me at [email protected] and I can fill in details.

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    Seriously in need of one more owner. Great group of guys. Let us know!

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