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Thread: 12TO - Long time NL Only League 1 Opening

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    12TO - Long time NL Only League 1 Opening

    Good Morning,

    The NL Only league I run has an opening. The leagues is in its 18th year I believe, I have actually been in since the beginning but am bad with my memory. To be fair I was in college when we started so a lot of those years were fuzzy.

    Anyway, solid league, well established for you to rebuild and not have to worry about the league going away. It is a 12 team NL Only league. We keep up to 10 major leaguers and have a fairly deep farm syste. The league fee is $100 and we are planning to draft on Friday march 16th around 8 PM Est online. We use the CBS Site.

    Ok if you are interested I will get you details on the team that is open. Thanks.
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    Love this league. Lost count of years of my membership but it's been at least a decade. 12 team nl 5x5, stable long term group of owners. Come on in, water is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Controller Jacobs View Post
    pm’d you frae - would like to join the league if the opening is still there
    I'll echo Glen...great league, other than me being a member.
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    Ditto - awesome crew of guys with a lot of crossover of owners between this and other RJ-centric mixed and AL leagues if you want to get in with one and do more as openings occur.


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