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Thread: One Opening Each in 12 Team AL-Only and 12 Team NL-Only

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    One Opening Each in 12 Team AL-Only and 12 Team NL-Only

    Long established internet-based leagues have openings for new owners. Our AL-Only league is going into its 22nd season and we have one opening. Our NL-Only league is going into its 15th season and we have 1 or 2 openings. League features:

    -Internet based with owners are from all over the US and Canada.
    - CBS Sports platform and Stat Service.
    - Auction draft held in March.
    - 12 team mono-league
    - Standard Roto 5x5.
    - 6 MLB keepers and a small group of minor league keepers.
    - Weekly FAAB bidding and weekly setting of lineups.
    - Fee is between $125-150. Fees create a cash prize pool that is distributed to the owners who finished 1st through 4th.
    - Mature Constitution. Well organized. Great group of experienced owners.

    We have strong owners top to bottom which makes for competitive leagues. We are looking for adult, experienced owners who want to be in a strong league for a long time. If interested, contact me at [email protected] or text me at 207-570-5446 and I will send you a league constitution and a copy of owner bios/league history. I am happy to answer any questions.


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    Might be worth posting the potential keepers on teams that are available


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