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Thread: President Donald Trump

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judge Jude View Post
    um, Obama won it in 2009 after less than a year in office.

    if anyone wants to say that:
    a) Obama changed the world peace scenario in that span and
    b) still, in light of his warring and drone strikes, remains a sterling recipient of the honor....

    I'm all ears!
    If you have any sort of proof that Obama or his administration prodded someone/something to nominate him, which he then bashfully accepted while not admitting he was behind it, I'm all ears! Because that's the point of that post!

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    ok on the point of the post.

    but a decade later, does that Nobel Peace Prize strike anyone as a little - premature, odd, etc?

    even then

    "In a USA Today / Gallup Poll conducted October 16–19, 61% of American adults polled responded that they thought Obama did not deserve to win the prize, while 34% responded that he did; when asked if they were personally glad that Obama won the award, 46% of respondents said they were and 47% said they were not glad."

    "An editorial in The Washington Post began, "It's an odd Nobel Peace Prize that almost makes you embarrassed for the honoree", and compared the Nobel Committee's statement that Obama had "created a new climate in international politics" to a recent satirical skit on television."

    "Thomas L. Friedman of The New York Times wrote, "It dismays me that the most important prize in the world has been devalued in this way."

    "On the morning of the announcement, several of The Washington Post's opinion-page columnists, posting at the newspaper's "Post Partisan" blog, characterized the award as laughable or directly satirized it, including such supportive columnists as Ruth Marcus ("ridiculous — embarrassing, even"), Richard Cohen (who satirized the award), and foreign-affairs columnist David Ignatius ("goofy" and "weird"), and Michael Kinsley (whose satirical response came the next day)."

    "James Taranto wrote in The Wall Street Journal an article summarising various opinions on the Internet, concluding how the award was embarrassing for Obama. He said the award was a "staggeringly premature honor - the equivalent of a lifetime-achievement Oscar for a child star - makes yesterday's satire into today's news."

    "There have been a number of calls for Obama to either return the award or to have the Nobel Committee recall it, most recently in 2013. In April 2013 a petition was begun asking the Nobel Committee to rescind the Peace Prize. The petition garnered 10,000 signatures in its first day and nearly 20,000 by the end of its first week."
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    It's pettiness. The Nobel Peace Prize has always been political, and it's also been given to Le Duc Tho, Yassir Arafat & Henry Kissinger (who orchestrated the bombing of Cambodia), yet others like Mahatma Gandhi and Princess Diana never won it.

    Also, how rich would the irony be of giving Trump, a climate change denier, the same award given to Al Gore for his work on climate change?

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    Absolutely the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama after less than a year in office was pretty silly. I guess the Nobel Committee mostly wanted to celebrate the end of the Bush/Cheney regime and the election of the first Black president in the US's history, and one with strong roots and connections to Africa and Asia at that. But they did Obama no favors by bestowing the award on him when they did.


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