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Thread: President Donald Trump

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    Quote Originally Posted by onejayhawk View Post
    Now, take your list and figure how many of those are considered wins by the Republican base. Hint: It's a double digit number.

    Hopefully not this one

    10) Not being willing to quickly condemn racists and white supremacists

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judge Jude View Post
    yeah, it seemed headed that way by every passing hour.
    a former colleague of Mueller was saying how pissed his staff had to be over the story - terrible if the first leak finally hit, and terrible if it didn't.
    The rebuke doesnít seem to be getting as much play as the original story. Funny that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nots View Post
    I voted for him both times. First time was easy (I did vote for Obama in 08Ėby 2012 I was against his militarism). In 2016, as I said, I did not like the campaign Johnson ran but I voted for him. As a Libertarian (more or less), I support the platform a lot more than I support the Dems or Reps platform. IMO, there were no compelling character traits of Clinton or Trump that would have led me to disavow the Lib platform. In fact, both are much worse human beings than Johnson, bless his stoned, goofy heart. So I supported him and cringed the fewtimes the networks deigned to give him any airtime as he reeked havoc on the party.
    Now, how and wow, how could you vote for Hillary or Trump (no idea who you voted for but guessing Hillary)? Probably for same reason, party platform.
    Thanks for your Answer. I voted for Kasich in Primary ( independent but registered Republican) when it came to the General I did vote for Hillary because my disgust with Trump. He turned out even worst then I thought at the time . I would have voted Kasich or Jeb over Hillary if they were there instead of Trump but would have gone Hillary over Cruz. I am a Centrist that was brought up as a staunch Republican but as I get older I lean more left of center and have felt the Republican Party go way to far right and honestly off the rails. I vote person more then party anymore. I could never vote for Trump,Cruz,Pence tho I like Sherrod Brown as my senator I donít think I would like him as my President.


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