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Thread: 2K21 - San Diego Padres

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    Nice last SP piece for the Pads. But the deal highlights how much Preller simply robbed the Cubs. The Pirates landed the Pads #7 prospect in Hudson Head, the Mets #14 prospect in Endy Rodriguez, and two upside lottery tickets. And that for a 3/4 SP with upside to a #2. The Cubs couldn't even land a top 100 prospect for a SP2 with upside to a SP1. Yeesh.
    Inexcusable (for the Cubs obviously).
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMT View Post
    Inexcusable (for the Cubs obviously).

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    Profar at 21 million for 3 years.

    To wit.

    The Padres are not expecting any player to be able to go a full 162 season at any position. Profar is a Preller Fav and took steps to realizing the potential which made him a top 5 prospect in the past. They're not 100 in on Cronenworth repeating as his late season fade brings some concern. They covet to flexibility the Dodgers have shown is effective.

    So, now they Have Profar, Grady and Kim/Cronenworth to play 2nd and sub all over the field. If the NL adopts the FT DH, one goes there unless the Pads sign a guy specifically for that (hearing whispers of Nelson Cruz)

    the Rotation could be 6 guys (add Morejon or Weathers) as again, they feel they will not have any arm pitch the regular 200 innings this season.

    Pads still intend to add a BP arm, but it's starting to look like it will be a set up type arm and either Pomeranz or Pegan who starts the season as closer.
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