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    Draft is TONIGHT! ! !

    Draft is TONIGHT! ! !
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    need managers for free espn keeper league

    A few teams are available. Just pm with your email for an invitation.

    Here are the settings:

    the live draft is Wednesday at...
  3. This is the team...

    This is the team

    still looking for one manager. With this lineup you have a legit shot at winning.
    Post your email...
  4. We have one team left.... the draft is 9pm est...

    We have one team left.... the draft is 9pm est tonight. Sign up and draft the same day!
  5. Need 2 mngrs for sunday draft - keeper, no buy in, espn, weekly lineup, roto

    We're looking for one more manager to take established keeper team.

    This is a casual, yet competitive league (very few trades, weekly lineups), but we want managers who monitor their team...
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