View Full Version : New Fantasy Football League for the Offseason?

12-31-2013, 09:20 PM
I noticed this tweet on twitter on Sunday and immediately was intrigued:

"@JonnyPortland Don't wait til next season to redeem yourself. Play FF all year long w/ current & historic players @ http://oldschoolfantasysports.com"

After looking at their site I must admit, it actually seems like it could be cool if they do it right. I don't think the site is fully up yet but they are saying early 2014 (not sure exactly what that means). Thay also claim that it's FREE.

Would anybody be interested in doing one of these leagues? Their roster of available players is pretty substantial! http://analysis.oldschoolfantasysports.com/?page_id=17

Any thoughts? Would anyone want to do this?