View Full Version : Central NJ 5x5 hybrid auction league opening(s)

02-19-2012, 05:23 PM
Fun league with a lot of quirky rules. We just had an owner drop out. We have played with 11 in recent years, so could take 1 or 2 new folks. Auction draft (free-for-all bidding) is in Edison, NJ at 11 AM on 3/24/12. Annual fee is $130.

When we had 11 owners, we used 18 MLB teams, some AL, some NL -- but there are ways in which players on teams not in the pool can be used. So it plays closer to a mixed league than an only one.

5x5 with OBP and SB-CS instead of AVG and SB. 6 keepers max. No long-term contracts, keeper decisions are on a year-to-year basis. Rosters are 21 active (1 C, 8 P) and 9 bench -- minor leaguers are part of your bench and part of the cap. Cap is $75 and bidding is in quarter increments. $10 in-season FAAB.

New owners will have the option of taking over the abandoned team or participating in an expansion draft, which would include anyone from the abandoned team and anyone not kept by other teams.

If interested, please PM me within the next week.