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  1. So who's up for some drunk driving?
  2. Your Mega Millions jackpot is now 476 million dollars
  3. Thoughts on Trayvon and Zimmerman...
  4. Augusta National in a pickle.
  5. **facepalm** 50 words banned from NYC school tests inc politics, poverty & religion
  6. New Posts link not working
  7. Jersey's for my softball team this year.
  8. "The tasty crustaceans I pummel and crack"
  9. 2012 RJ Weight Loss Challenge - April 1 - Sept 30 Edition
  10. Giorgio Chinaglia, RIP
  11. Let's get this out of the way now....
  12. Assuming you were asked and you did not have to campaign....
  13. When is a CEO worth $30 Million per year?
  14. Extemely religious...
  15. Happy Easter...from Kate Upton
  16. blocking advertisements
  17. Changing tastes?
  18. Possibly Disturbing Trend in Saudi Arabia. Anybody Have Thoughts?
  19. News From the Drug World
  20. Random poll of the day: How many suits do you own?
  21. Cory Booker needs to be our President someday
  22. Hey Cobain's Ghost....
  23. Random poll of the day: How many computers do you own?
  24. Random poll: How many DVD players do you own?
  25. Fill in the blank
  26. maybe the best animal rescue video i've seen.
  27. Tupac Lives!
  28. My favorite part is when she falls
  29. Dick Clark dead at 82
  30. i would not do netflix
  31. Going to the car wash
  32. Levon Helm lead singer of The Band dead at 71.
  33. Alice's Restaurant?
  34. Common sense finally prevailing on Keystone?
  35. what's the relationship in war between america and france?
  36. Junkies in the Flesh.
  37. If I wanted America to fail
  38. about the recent food stamp fraud bust in Massachusetts
  39. I am a public worker
  40. It will be two years tomorrow since I lost my son
  41. if RJ posters could run the country
  42. More TSA shenanigans
  43. Gratuitous tear-jerker
  44. Vancouver question
  45. Gratuitous Gratuity Thread
  46. burger king to go pork and egg cage free by 2017
  47. there's two fisher cats battling for territory behind my house.
  48. so i had to block http://static.ak.fbcdn.net
  49. steve jobs the epitome of evil
  50. steve's job is the epitome of evil
  51. Media draft ideas
  52. caption this picture - 4/27/2012
  53. Youth baseball question
  54. I'm watching the NFL draft....
  55. The Curious Case of Curt Flood
  56. Religious Gratuity Thread
  57. Paulina Gretzky almost shows her 'Great One' (NSFW)
  58. Gratuitous Gravity Thread
  59. Photography Art Annoys Me
  60. Gratuitous Steve Thread
  61. *Official Triple Crown Thread*
  62. Israeli Emergency Mobilization Underway
  63. braving the bubble ring on Dolphin Thursday
  64. Baby Sea Otters...
  65. Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys passes
  66. Pet Peeves
  67. Texting while driving in PA...
  68. Movie Character Draft
  69. TV Help
  70. Article on my home town Mayoral and City Council election in the NY Times
  71. Gratuitous Spoiler Thread
  72. Gratuitious Grease is the Word Thread
  73. mlbtraderumors
  74. Movie Character discussion
  75. Movie character roster thread
  76. Don't mess with libraries in PA!!
  77. Extended unemployment benefits expiring.
  78. Shaun of the Dead: ..can dogs look up?
  79. What a piece of human garbage
  80. Let's bring back coat hanger abortions!
  81. heylander, good video on feline ckd
  82. I am extra proud of my daughter today.
  83. The 2012 Phillies as Your Company's Softball Team - A Definitive Guide
  84. Ancient Aliens Show on History Channel
  85. Disco Queen Donna Summers has passed on
  86. Official Obesity Epidemic Thread
  87. Help Stop Bullying In Schools
  88. Your First Baseball Glove
  89. the ugly thing about the movie the butterfly effect is
  90. driving long distance with kids!
  91. Don't let your girl get Burrelled
  92. Sweet bobblehead giveaway!!!
  93. Lucky's District Court Re-election results.
  94. I love Holograms...
  95. What's a Father's Role in This?
  96. Adverts that are better than the Shows
  97. hunger games
  98. A Jewish Fantasy Baseball Founding Father walks into a bar...
  99. Official RJ Pet Thread
  100. My name is Peter Weyland and I'd like to change the world
  101. Hatfieds and McCoys tonight! Anyone in?
  102. I'm being mocked all night!
  103. A little shameless self promotion....Fantasy Football Fest
  104. B-Fly goes on a shoulder punching rampage
  105. DOMA ruled unconstitutional!
  106. DO NOT KILL list
  107. News of the Day Here in South Arkansas.
  108. Don Larsen's World Series perfect game uniform to be auctioned
  109. The Green Lantern...Gay?
  110. Cyberwarfare
  111. anything going on in DC, Baltimore, Philly, & NYC?
  112. Richard Dawson dies at 79
  113. Separated at Birth?
  114. Fantasy deities
  115. Man's cat dies. He decides to turn it into a helicopter art project
  116. A tribute to my aunt
  117. Why is College softball on TV?
  118. Caption the Photo 6/5/12
  119. What do you get when you cross PMS with GPS?
  120. If youve been suspended from RJ post here
  121. I'm not a gamer ... but damn!
  122. Why is Beach Volleyball on TV?
  123. I think I just understand nullnor a bit better
  124. the thing abaout america is
  125. The Origin of Zubaz...No Clowning Around
  126. Drawing the line at Graduation invitations?
  127. Europe for a month
  128. Diplomacy the game
  129. So if I try Abilify to help with depression ...
  130. Prometheus (film)
  131. Nadal vs. Djokovic
  132. Now I get it
  133. Henry Hill, RIP
  134. Syria...Flashpoint to Armageddon?
  135. Man plays Civ 2 for 10 years
  136. YouTube Favorites?
  137. Bed Bugs
  138. Rodney King, RIP
  139. Happy Father's Day
  140. Excellent post about filesharing/free downloading of music
  141. "The Righteous Mind" by Jonathan Haidt
  142. Liz Hurley FF 2012
  143. Fancy a Trip to Mars
  144. Ugh, Replacing A Furnace - Any Advice?
  145. Texas Justice, An Example To Us All
  146. Recent viral video of middle schoolers verbally abusing elderly school bus monitor
  147. The Adventures of Midnight Otter and Griswold: Live Woman's Chest
  148. Gas Prices
  149. Mac Experts
  150. stopping by woods on a snowy evening
  151. I don't always eat breakfast, but when I do, I prefer
  152. Not a synopsis, but the plot of my movie from the aborted Movie Character Draf
  153. Electoral College Hopscotch: Make Your Best Scenario for Romney to Get to 270
  154. Galaxy Nexus 7
  155. Colorado's Burning!
  156. Who wants one?
  157. Legal Question?
  158. Poker: Million $ Buy In
  159. Joe Sheehan Essay about Penn State...
  160. So where were you at 9:40 am this morning.
  161. Modern Non-Fiction...
  162. Andy Griffith passes on at 86.
  163. Who is working today JULY 4?
  164. Interesting......Upgrade to Windows 8 for $40
  165. Happy Trails.
  166. I'll be online with Dish Adams today at 5 pm EST
  167. Double amputee - and Olympian (oh, and Paralympian too)
  168. if you get divorced, don't piss off your ex
  169. Income Inequality / Union Membership
  170. Borgnine gone.
  171. Turin or Geneva?
  172. Anyone been to the Philippines?
  173. Rare baseball cards from 1910 found in attic
  174. Greatest San Francisco Driving/Drifting Video Ever!
  175. Really?
  176. What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light?
  177. Hey Baseball Nerds
  178. Sleep Apnea / CPAP
  179. Richard D. Zanuck RIP
  180. Fantasy Football E-book is done!
  181. Pros and Cons of Homeschooling
  182. Documentary about Doc Ellis
  183. Breaking Bad Season Five
  184. Who has a link to that online backyard baseball game
  185. Why do people have to look at some perceived negative????
  186. Visual Basic 2010
  187. Steve do you have anyone that can verify your location last week?
  188. Jon Lord, R.I.P.
  189. Some foods just are not meant to be micro-waved
  190. The Weather!
  191. Pete Rose reality TV show
  192. Lobsters or hot dogs for supper tonight?
  193. get in on the ground floor
  194. Rush Limbaugh thinks Bane=Bain
  195. Steve's mugshot after being charged with FWI (floating while intoxicated)
  196. Senseless in Aurora
  197. Almost three years since I've had cable tv
  198. $21tn Hidden Offshore
  199. A 32 yo interviews himself at age 12
  200. Women drivers ...
  201. It's a Boy!
  202. My biggest musical regret is that I never saw 1,2 and 3 live....
  203. Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day
  204. Pandora
  205. LeBron's Inbox
  206. Movin On Up!
  207. It's A Girl!
  208. What's for lunch?
  209. London Olympics
  210. Online Poker On The Comeback
  211. Just hoping for an "uneventful" Olympics
  212. This is to This, as That is to_____?
  213. Fixed income bullsh!t.
  214. Bloomberg's latest nanny state overreach
  215. Stupid computer question?
  216. Can someone please enlighten me as to why?
  217. RJ Spors Bar NFL Survivor (2 strikes)
  218. Gorgonzola...........
  219. itunes match or amazon cloud player? neither? both? something else?
  220. Mars Landing
  221. So I'm getting married
  222. Do the American People care about Romney's tax returns?
  223. Shooting at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin
  224. Oscar Pistorius and his prosthetics
  225. Our Oil Refinery is on fire!
  226. Email account scam/hack question
  227. Really Cool or Proof of our Economic Issues
  228. Fantasy Football Consistency Radio show tonight!
  229. Heard of these bands?
  230. How long have you been at your current job?
  231. Hi
  232. Atlantic City - Aug 18 & 19 - Fantasy Football Fest
  233. Chores?
  234. swampdragon, please clear out your PMs
  235. Manscaping
  236. "Worst Songs of All Time" Draft
  237. Romney picks his VP?
  238. Cash as a wedding gift...?
  239. My son's band has a couple of new songs...check them out on Sound Cloud!
  240. Rejected female Padres job seeker's angry reply goes viral
  241. New show this fall.."Elementary"....WTF??
  242. Copier broke..receive credit for the time it is Out of Order?
  243. RIP Horshack
  244. Fantasy Football Consistency Show is tonight! Please call in!
  245. Charlie Reese - final article for the Orlando Sentinel.....
  246. What we think about all 50 states, based on Google searches. elaborate on your state
  247. Woman suing the Cowboys
  248. So, I'm finally meeting Hammer tonight!
  249. RJ Mythbusters - The Banking Version
  250. The beauty of Pittsburgh..