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  1. Theme park turns away single adults that don't have kids with them.
  2. Veterans day freebie at a local restaurant.... too funny.
  3. Attended a funeral today... it all felt wrong.
  4. Unconditional love?
  5. Small Businesses Going the Way of the Dodo for These Reasons................
  6. King Vitaman
  7. 9/11 Terrorist Mossaoui Implicates Saudis in 9/11 Attacks
  8. Site maintenance question?
  9. Executive action.
  10. Three Stooges questions?
  11. Sarah Palin better be good in the sack.....
  12. A question for computer geeks.
  13. 6:54 and I am the only member on the site.
  14. Michael Brown & Ferguson, MO
  15. Interesting map: what thanksgiving food people google most in each state.
  16. Wire service photo of the year
  17. Thanksgiving weekend traditions?
  18. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  19. Belief in Evolution vs National Wealth
  20. How many officially released Led Zeppelin song are there?
  21. best stories from 2014
  22. not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, but SEVEN
  23. Chrome TV or Amazon Prime - or other options
  24. Which console?
  25. is it unusual for a doctor to ask your sexual orientation?
  26. Christmas spending.... less, the same, or more than last year?
  27. Lesser known TV shows you watch... share the good ones.
  28. Dear Parents
  29. Why would someoone in an online game keep asking for "extra CD keys"?
  30. Keystone
  31. interesting objects in your possession
  32. Keystone Light
  33. Multi Room Wireless Speaker System
  34. SCOTUS During the Lame Duck Years
  35. Your Favorite Christmas Songs
  36. The coolest Christmas present you ever got?
  37. Driving a friend on an errand
  38. CIA Reports To Torture or Not.
  39. 2016 Senate Elections
  40. Frank Sinatra's letter to Mike Royko for a little Friday fun.
  41. Got a call from an author whose book I trashed on amazon in a review.
  42. High above the clouds
  43. Sy Berger - father of the modern baseball card - RIP
  44. i feed this fish at work his name is nemo
  45. Reason #28 why we can't create reasonable gun laws...
  46. Are you a Good luck or a Bad Luck owner?
  47. Cuba...Our new friend to the South.
  48. Are U.S. Oligarchs Willing To Start WW3 Over Petrodollar Supremacy?
  49. The Interview
  50. For those interested.... Brian Setzer Christmas tour.
  51. Dick Cheney
  52. The Ten Commandments....
  53. Joe Cocker, RIP
  54. US Economy grows by most in a decade this last quarter
  55. Up For Auction...
  56. Merry Christmas 2015!
  57. Anyone ever had roasted chestnuts?
  58. Extinction Events
  59. 2015 dead pool draft signup/discussion thread
  60. I hate this type of 'game'
  61. Keurig for Christmas
  62. Drugs... why the incredible price differences?
  63. Crashed Ice, WTF?
  64. Going to see Jim Gaffigan tonight.
  65. For the Marvel Superhero fans
  66. Snow in So Cal
  67. Can you, with 100% certainty, name your favorite band?
  68. Careers after 50
  69. The Wisdom of Mike Rowe (Negative Political Ads)
  70. 2015 Get Healthy Thread
  71. I've got an umbillical hernia
  72. Would you help the guy out financially?
  73. Loading threads
  74. Loading Threads
  75. Stuart Scott, RIP
  76. 2015 dead pool draft selection thread
  77. *Official* In Memoriam Thread
  78. Elly May Clampett RIP
  79. Growing up, were you part of the KISS Army?
  80. 2015 Weight loss Challenge.
  81. Cub's mascot from 1908
  82. Should I try to talk my daughter out of going to the college she wants to attend?
  83. Flatulence Filtering Underwear......
  84. NFL Network tonight - 9pm
  85. Rod Taylor RIP
  86. Jethro Pugh RIP
  87. New Draft Ideas?
  88. Roy Tarpley, RIP
  89. I had to buy 31 kosher deli pickles today.....not that I wanted to.
  90. Favorite Athlete - any sport - A to Z
  91. Public funder Junior College
  92. Favorite American Muscle Cars from the 60's and 70's?
  93. What was the last work thing you just did before coming in here?
  94. How do I post a picture?
  95. My daughter wants to start podcasting.... need a name for it.
  96. Man vs. Food RJ edition.
  97. Kinda lucky but awesome, nonetheless.
  98. A different type of New Year resolution
  99. Hey Thai food lovers, help me out.
  100. For the bowlers here.
  101. If you could kill someone by just writing their name in a book, would you?
  102. Unloading threads
  103. Threading a Bobbin
  104. Things are a mess in Pennsylvania
  105. Bizarre Sports Stories
  106. Another top 10 movie question.
  107. One of the funniest quotes of the year.
  108. lion whisperer
  109. rare earth theory
  110. I just saw the 1st episode of "Black Mirror"..... whoa!
  111. Think You Have Tax Troubles?
  112. What is the real name of this symbol?
  113. Would you ever retire to another country?
  114. I don't have a KFC near me..... have you seen this?
  115. GITH.... clear out your inbox
  116. Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz..... vs. best SB halftime shows in last 25 years?
  117. Need legal advice
  118. The Greatest Living American Actor over 80?
  119. Also need legal ( financial ) advice for mom's money.
  120. Third World Revelations
  121. The "Big Game".
  122. I hate it
  123. I ate it
  124. Vaccines and The Measles Outbreak
  125. I rate it
  126. I gate it
  127. Ever been to a Hookah Bar? What is it like?
  128. Masturbation is key to having a flat stomach....
  129. PD - random thoughts - always random
  130. Mad Dogs on Amazon Prime
  131. Superbowl crowd uses 6 TB of data at the game....
  132. Stolen Valor
  133. humans are a superorganism.
  134. Guy buys Vince Lombardi's coat for 58 cents. You know what comes next.
  135. Better Call Saul
  136. What are your thoughts on the rooftop business owners near Wrigley?
  137. SNL - 40th Anniversary
  138. New idea for a draft?
  139. Comic-Con
  140. "Foreign" Languages
  141. Your Top 5 SNL cast members?
  142. Spring Training - Arizona
  143. Bursting with pride today.
  144. Sears
  145. Jerome Kersey, RIP
  146. why i don't like adoption
  147. What is your favorite drink?
  148. exceelent beer
  149. Big Tobacco to become Big Marijuana?
  150. Sloan 2015
  151. Cost Sharing Reduction under ACA
  152. Goooooooooood Morning everybody!!!!
  153. What? No Oscars thread??!!
  154. What? No Oscar Thread?
  155. Kid Rock / Foreigner tour.... tickets are $20.
  156. Albums where you think EVERY song is a good one.
  157. Have you ever been "found" on another forum?
  158. Gd50
  159. Neil Young Mini-Project
  160. God help me, I may be a Jeb Bush fan.
  161. Have you ever bought anything that was on Shark Tank?
  162. RIP Leonard Nimoy
  163. RIP Anthony Mason
  164. Another Fish Story From Arkansas...
  165. Hillary's Email
  166. quiet Friday - dinner help please.
  167. Unemployment rate at 5.5%
  168. Favorite Hangover Remedies...Whaddya Got?
  169. utorrent
  170. anyone play fantasy golf?
  171. Snarky comments.
  172. I know some of you have blogs. Can you give an old man a clue how to start one?
  173. How long do you think RJ will last?
  174. RIP Miller High Life Guy
  175. Loretta Lynch
  176. Dismissive Comments
  177. is it ok if i post random thoughts today
  178. Fun Fact about me........
  179. Does the mom have a right to know?
  180. Interesting golf hazard in Florida.
  181. It looks like I'm the only one brave enough to start a thread on Friday the 13th
  182. fan tosses awful airball at ACC tournament for $1M prize chance - but there's more...
  183. Obama's Third Term
  184. Are you smarter than an NFL QB?
  185. Obama's Third Tern
  186. NCAA Tourney Bracket Pool
  187. Gregg Clear out your PMs
  188. Rip ie
  189. Rollin' with the Rajun' Cajun
  190. Lightly humorous to hilarious fantasy baseball stories.
  191. TV Show's Theme Music that you love or hate
  192. Stephen A. Smith almost makes sense, this time.
  193. cool nature stuff
  194. Any of you have any graphic design skills?
  195. Anyone have contact info for Wonderboy
  196. Wichita State Beat Kansas.
  197. Any teachers on RJ? I have a question.
  198. Been away a while....
  199. Wilson buys Louisville slugger-70 million
  200. Songs where the Live version is better than the studio version.
  201. For those of you who enjoy my cooking thread / recipes, I bought a domain.
  202. Saudi Attack on Yemen... Deeper Situations?
  203. Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed Germanwings Plane
  204. Indiana's Governor signs 'religious freedom' bill
  205. NYC Fire/building collapse
  206. windows 8
  207. Reid stepping down
  208. Do they call apartments "flats" near you?
  209. OOTP Baseball 2015 is now out on iOS devices.
  210. Carly Fiorina likey to run for president. ( Ex HP CEO )
  211. George Ezra Band
  212. Company name
  213. If you get tons of robocalls, check this out.... it really works.
  214. Meerkat & Periscope, and watching sports
  215. Anybody watch Sin City Saints on Yahoo?
  216. Takin' Care of Business by BTO
  217. forget the infighting and trust me - most inspirational sports post, ever
  218. Items of the Day
  219. Spam, Dennis Moore, and Spanish Inquisition
  220. Computer Help
  221. Never knew Steve liked reggae...
  222. This made me sad
  223. Social Media and Parenting
  224. Opening day is tomorrow!
  225. Early morning, April Four...
  226. Parking garage follies
  227. Bob Burns of Lynryd Skynyrd: Car Crash
  228. essays that are must reads
  229. the scarlet witch
  230. so like this chick stole my idea about wolves saving mankind
  231. Obamacare vs. The Iran Nuclear Deal
  232. Tom Watson is age 65 - and shot a 71 at The Masters today
  233. Protection vs Accountability
  234. if i tore up a picasso and gave eveyone a piece..
  235. my top ten movie moments.
  236. 2016 Presidential Battleground States?
  237. Best and Worst Jobs survey results: where do you rate?
  238. Religious Freedom
  239. Stay and Play policy !
  240. More propaganda and lies courtesty of the mainstream media
  241. random drone clips
  242. Political orientations correlated with brain structure
  243. many "interacting" worlds interpretation of QM
  244. Best Movie Intro EVER (IMHO)
  245. So the Mrs. brings home a mannequin and.....
  246. Something is fishy about this punny song...
  247. Otters: necrophiliac, serial-killing fur monsters of the sea
  248. Tribute Videos
  249. Your logical fallacy is
  250. Baltimore